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Dicas para melhorar o sinal do smartphone – Programa Olhar Digital (25/03/2017)


You can not promise a miracle but you can guarantee that you can have a better signal on your cell phone if you follow some basic tips and Lu our columnist, expert in uncomplicated technology brings some pretty cool advice Hi Lu! Hi Marisa, hi guys! It's time to untangle the technology! Today I've separated some simple tips that can help improve the signal of your smartphone

Look that! The first thing you need to do is look for a good place to use the device Indoors and with lots of people, like parties or shows, it is normal to have difficulty to find a cell phone signal So go to an open place, or near a window or door, and do not have too much people around, ok? High places also tend to have a better signal because they do not have interference from trees and buildings If you are in a place with more than one floor, try to go to the upper floors You will see that the signal comes back quickly! And do not forget to leave your smartphone away from other devices, such as tablets, notebooks and microwave oven

That causes interference, yes? And there's more! Did you know that the hand you hold the phone can interfere with the signal? In more modern handsets, the antenna is inside the smartphone and your hand can cause interference! As the position of the antenna varies from device to device and you can not tell exactly where it is, you can change the hand that is holding the phone to leave the antenna free Curious, is not it? And you can also take off the protective cap when you're having trouble finding signal The last tip is to put the smartphone in airplane mode and then return to normal mode Is that sometimes the cell phone may be blocked or confused because it left an area without signal to another with signal And you can also take advantage to turn off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections to receive the signal more easily! Ready, now you do not have to worry when you're out of tune! Next week I'll come back with another theme, okay? Until then!

Source: Youtube

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