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Democrats release partial results day late after tech glitch; Trump calls Democrat caucus "disaster"


now let's start our world news segment in the United States we are starting to get some results of the Iowa caucuses from the Democratic side this announcement was delayed Tuesday after a deeply embarrassing technical glitch sir only just getting the results now for more on this and other news from around the world let's turn to our union min-jung mimosa latest so mark we just have this a partial result of the delayed Democratic Iowa caucuses it's only like 62 percent of the actual vote and it's a really a surprise they say the mayor Pete Buddha Church of South Bend Indiana is topping the list followed by a senator Bernie Sanders Warren and a former Vice President Joe Biden so this is something has that has not been we were expecting so far and earlier the Democratic parties that they had coding issues with their new app which was meant to speed up the reporting of the caucus results that's why David decided to delay unveiling the outcome to validate all results Iowa Democratic Party Chairman Troy Price that there was no indication of any outside effort like hacking to affect the app or any result reporting president Trump won the Iowa caucus by a landslide he got some 97 percent of the votes statewide beating former Massachusetts governor bill weld and former Republican Illinois representative joe walsh who gained around 1 percent of the votes taking to Twitter Trump called a Democrat caucus a disaster saying nothing works just as he ran the country Trump added that he was the only person that could claim a big victory on caucus night

Source: Youtube

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