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Day 30: It Never Ends – The Process


Hello and welcome to day thirty, (counts) day thirty of The Process Today is our last day together

This is amazing Thank you, so much, for being with me for thirty days It, it blows my mind that you've spent an entire month with me every day in The Process Not only is it a testament to the community, to everybody involved in this, but to your own dedication, to your own commitment to your transformation and service to the world So, having people like you, in my world, is so cool

I am so blessed that you found this and you've done it, that you, that you've finished, like, it's just amazing Thank you Thank you for the support Thank you for the encouragement that you've shared with me and everyone else, because I'm going through this with you You know, this is still part of my own process and it means the world

Thank you So, enough gushing Today is about how it never ends It never ends This goes right back to day one, right? Stop fixing and start living

It also never ends, so if you're approaching life, if you're approaching your own transformation, your business, your craft as, okay, I'm gonna start here and then I'm gonna get here and once I finally get here, I'll be done, and I don't have to do this anymore, and things are great, and life is gonna be wonderful That's not realistic That's not how it works If that's how you're subconsciously or consciously thinking about all this stuff, you're gonna be in for it You're, there's gonna be a lot of suffering

Because it never ends There's always something to learn There's always an expansion There's always growth There's always a deeper or higher level to dive into, to reach for

And going back to day one, it's, it's not about reaching for because you're broken and you need to fix, and you need to get to a destination It's growth, and expansion, and reaching out because that's how the universe works That's what the universe is doing And you're the universe And doing the same thing as the universe puts you into alignment with all of those resources, and forces available, to help you along, and to support you

Because you don't want to be like me and spend so much of your life resisting the universe and pushing against everything, because you think you know better and because you just want to say screw you to the world, and things are really hard and not a lot of fun, and you're going against everything rather than with it So, once you understand that this never ends, so just live your life and enjoy all of it, because you're never gonna get there, because it's the destination It's NOT the destination it's the journey You can relax and surrender, and everything starts working and becomes a lot more fun So, read the article today and let me know what you think in the comments

If you're feeling extra wonderful, let me know in the comments about the whole series If you're feeling super, amazingly wonderful, send me an email Share it on social media, what your experience has been these past thirty days Let me know how you've transformed Let me know what your breakthroughs have been, because when other people hear about that, they see that it's possible for themselves

When you share the successes and failures, and growths, and lessons and learnings, right? This goes back to the day about being seen in the mess, but also being seen in your beauty and your success, your joy and your, your glory and your light That's permission for other people, too, to show up in their light, to do their own work, and to go through their own process So, if you could share that, that would be great If not, totally cool But again, I just want to thank you so much for joining me this past month

It's the last day Tomorrow I'll be sending you an email And this email will be very useful for those of you that want to continue, that want to go deeper, and want more support, because you are now eligible to join the fellowship And the fellowship is just simply a group coaching program around The Process So, it's just a supplemental group of people that have gone through this, like yourself, and want to support each other

And I go deeper and answer questions and all sorts of great stuff about all of the content that's been in this past 30 days So, if that's interesting to you, look out for the email tomorrow If it's not, don't worry, it's not a big up-sell, launch marketing push or anything like that It's just an offer because you're eligible to join us and we'd love to have you

Thank you, so much Once again, my name is Drew Gerald You have now finished The Process And, I wish you the best and I look forward to supporting you and seeing you soon Thank you

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