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David McNamee's Cervelo P5 Disc | Pro Race Day Tech & Prep


– It's pro bike time, and here we have David McNamee's Cervelo P5 Disc (upbeat music) Now the Cervelo P5 Disc is a brand new bike, released just in March of this year

So, this is actually our first up close and detailed look at this bike Now, it's been, actually, seven years since the release of the P5, and Cervello have completely overhauled its design Obviously, most notably with the hydraulic disc brakes, but they've also made a number of other changes, which we'll go through more in detail later in this video They've improved the stiffness in the front end by 22%, 26% increase stiffness in the bottom bracket, and they've also improved the lightness of this frame by 18%, and in fact, they've actually saved 350 grams in the frame set alone, on it's previous model Now, Dave is actually riding this in 54cm frame, and he's kindly going to be joining us later on in this video, to talk through some of the race day specifics for him, for this race here at the championship in Slovakia

But, first of all, let's take a closer look at the front end because it is really something quite special (upbeat music) Now, amazingly, Cervelo have managed to make this bike faster all whilst complying with UCI regulations Now they've done that by changing whole lot of stuff up the front end, in particular We've got hidden cables, brakes hidden, all sorts But the most notable difference of them all is this riser bar, because it is just a single rise bar coming up from the base bar, it's exactly the same, or very similar, to the P3X and the P5X

All you need is a single Allen key, loosen a bolt, and you can change that riser height, and therefore, your aerobar height Now, Cervelo also give you the option of different attachments to the top of that riser Dave has opted for one very similar to the P5X, so you can actually change the tilt of the aerobars But it's this bit coming off the front of the aerobars that starts to get really quite interesting, because the bars here, the Speedbar, are not proprietary components to the Cervelo bike Well these are custom-molded to Dave's arms, so he gets a really nice, comfortable fit, and also very aerodynamic

He was actually one of the first, if not the first, triathletes to get these bars made I think the likes of Lucy Charles-Barclay and Tim Don, and a couple of other have also followed in suit You may have also noticed these in the hour record attempt on the track, but yeah If you wanted a set of these bars yourself, it would cost you somewhere in the region of three to three and a half thousand euros or pounds Quite a lot, but custom for you

Between that, we also have the XLab mini attachment, and then on the top of that we've got the Xlab Gorilla bottle cage, which is a really nice, tight-fitting bottle cage, so you don't get any bottle rockets And then, on the front of that, we've got a nice Garmin mount Moving back down onto the base-bar, and we've got a really nice, ergonomic rubberized grip here, which is really nice and comfy, and really flush with the base-bar And honestly, this bike is fully kit out with Shimano Dura Ace DI2 So, we've got the levers here, gears shifters on the base-bar and, obviously, also on the aerobars

But now, let's move on, and take a look at the crank set (upbeat music) And you may have already noticed that he has a rather white chain on, and that's because David is a ceramic-speed ambassador So, he's got his race-ready ceramic-speed chain on, and with that, obviously, he has ceramic-speed bottom bracket bearings, and probably elsewhere on the bike He also has this ceramic-speed OSPW jockey wheel attached to his Dura Ace DI2 rear mech And if you're not really aware of what the OSPW jockey wheels do, now the idea is that they actually smoothen out the chain flow through the jockey wheels, and therefore reducing friction

And above that, he's actually got a 11/30 cassette, so quite wide range for a relatively flat course out here in Šamorín Well, onto the wheels, and another sponsor of Dave's is DT Swiss So, on the front, he's got the DT Swiss R1100 Dicut wheel, and then on the rear, he has a DT Swiss disc wheel, which I'm sure a lot of you out there will know that DT Swiss don't actually sell a disc wheel, so I'll let you speculate where that one comes from But given that DT Swiss actually provide bearings to a number of other wheel manufacturers, I suspect it's probably come from one of those In terms of tires he's using, he's got the Vittoria Corsa Speed tires on both the front and the rear

He's running them in tubeless, and he's got a 23mm on the front and 25mm on the rear Now, we've been really fortunately recently to join Dave McNamee on the velodrome for some aero testing in Derby And he did that on the P5X, and he's actually tried to replicate that position as much as possible onto the P5 disc But one thing he did allude to during that video was his difficulties and issues he's been having with saddles He just can't find one that works for him

So, actually, the day after filming with him, he went off to meet Phil Burt, who is a bit of bike guru, he's done loads of work for British cycling, and they've decided upon ISM PN21, which he is now riding on this bike But, quite funnily, he's actually got a demo saddle here, which is not something you see on too many pro bikes So, I'm sure he'll be changing it at a later date He's also opted to put a cable tie around the front of the rails, which is something I used to do myself

It just helps to bring the nose together slightly, to get a little bit more comfortable And then, on the back of the seat post, is something Cervelo have done really nicely It's actually an attachment that you can then change the angle of the rear hydration Dave's actually going to remove this for race day, decided he doesn't need it, but at the moment, he's got the Xlab Gorilla XT bottle cage, which is very similar to the front one It's a really tight cage, it just stops those bottle rockets

We're now onto some of the final bits and pieces We've got a nice Cervelo aero bottle on the down tube here, which is really sleek in design, and nice and flush with that down tube Dave's actually using this for just storing gels in on race day here in Šamorín On the top tube, we've got another nice rubber bento box, again that can be used to storing gels in And in front of that we've got another little rubber attachment, and that's currently storing the DI2 junction box in

But as you remember from earlier, I mentioned that you can get different riser attachments for the aerobars here Ordinarily, if we're looking at a UCI legal bike, it's very likely that DI2 junction box will be stored in that riser attachment, but because Dave has opted for the P5x attachment so you could adjust the angle of them, he's had to store the DI2 junction box here, but still a really nice, sleek design But now I think it's time we got Dave in to hear his thoughts on the bike (upbeat music) All right Dave, I'm excited to get your thoughts on this bike, so how is it? – Yeah, for me, it's incredible I've been in the P5X for the last three years, love the bike, was convinced that I'd be on the P5X for the rest of my life

But yeah, I jumped on this bike, sort of, six, seven weeks ago, and sort of fell in love, and yeah For the time being, over the 703 distance especially, this is, yeah, my bike of choice – So, you rode this quite recently, in Barcelona, eyeing a 703 there

– Yeah, obviously an incredible bike The Barcelona bike course is very hilly, which— – Well, I was about to ask about that, because, obviously, this is a bit lighter than the P5X, so I'm guessing that's partly the reason for choosing that Do you know the weight of it? – I will say lighter than the P5X, I'll go for 83 kilograms – All right, well I've got some tools here that I'm dying to use, so

– This is fancy – Here we go All right, check that's on

Yeah, all right, here we go – P5 disc, David McNamee's rig We've got 9 point Can you read that for me, Dave? What have we got? – 99 – Well, pretty good – You know, it's got the water bottles – Yeah, and I think it probably mostly down to this front end that you've got, so talk me through this, because that's quite special – Yeah, so it's completely custom, it's from Speedbar, which is a company based in Holland

You get, basically, when you book your arm, you get like an arm cast So, it comes in molds and arm casts, as if you've broken your arm, takes the arm casts away and then Yeah, four, five weeks later, these appeared, and yeah

– And now everyone's copying you – Yeah, I was going to say, this guy Sebastian Kienle apparently is copying me, and yeah, you've got the other British people, like Tim Don, Lucy Charles is on them, and yeah, I can see why Yeah, it's a great device – Brilliant, okay And finally, obviously we are here just a couple days before race in Slovakia

Are you changing anything for race day? – I might decide that I might need some water bottles, but that's about it – Okay, cool, and tire pressure? – I think it'll I will need to check out the road surface, so I'll go for a bike ride tomorrow, but it'll be in the range of 110 to 120

– Okay, very interesting Now, finally, let's have a look at your race suit – Yeah, this is my race suit for Sunday, it's the HUUB Anemoi, and yeah, I've been using it for the last 12 months, and I've also had some success in the time – Yeah, well, it's quite an interesting suit, I never realized it had this trip seam on the front of the leg here – Yeah, so we've got this trip line here, and again, I test once or twice a year with HUUB, in the velodrome in Derby, and this is one of the thing we brought in last year

I can't honestly say I know much about aerodynamics but I trust HUUB, I trust the people that work for them in aerodynamics, and yeah, the numbers tell me its faster So yeah, it's a great sort of new thing – Fantastic And are you going to be racing in that same suit for the rest of the year? – I think we might have something special coming for Hawaii, but I think we'll wait and see – Well, that's been absolutely fantastic, thanks ever so much for, well, loaning us your bike today Dave, and also joining us for the video, it's been really cool

And if you guys liked this video and this bike as much as I did, please do hit that thumbs up button If you like to see more from GTN, click on the globe and subscribe to the channel – And if you would like to see a video of me at the velodrome recently, then click here

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