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Das beste Smartphone "EVER"? I Das iPhone 11 und Apple's Werbe Bla Bla I PixelTalk #2


Moin people and welcome to the second episode of PixelTalk And as you can already guessed at the title of this PixelTalk is now relatively technically

and as you can tell from the sound of the title, it's time again Time to get excited So grab some tea, sit back and let yourself be a bit full of talk Have fun! Intro As probably most of you have heard either because your abobos again was completely flooded or just because iPhone Launches now apparently one World event is – Apple introduced on September 10, the new iPhones Notably iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone 11 Pro Max and yes that really rolls wonderfully from the tongue

And just to anticipate that directly – no, this video will not be about it how I stand with the iPhone 11 and why it's the greatest or the worst smartphone of all times, because I personally am not in the market for a cell phone starts at 800 € not to mention the pro version – I mean 1149 € for 64GB internal memory – yes one absolutely – that's a really horny deal Well no today it should be about how Apple is trying us a damn expensive Rectangle each year to make tasty – because today it's about Apple's marketing and Apple's advertising blah blah A short disclaimer: I know – every company advertises and many Ads are bad and I could have taken thousands of other examples here

Personally, it's just been easy for Apple to realize how stupid we are Wants to sell advertising again and again If you look at Apple you have some associations directly – and I do not have to be a clairvoyant just to guess some of yours: Apple, high quality, expensive, luxury, design, lifestyle, simplicity, minimalism, functionality, Elegance For one thing you have to leave Apple – no matter what you think of your products – if you look The extremely high-quality Produced Product Trailer just looks at it probably in almost every one a reaction like "Damn shit – that looks cool" come up

even if this at the price quickly disappears again And figures from 2015 prove this clearly – if you look at that Apple back then the advertising budget by 50% to about $ 18 billion is quickly becoming clear

Although Apple is still a tech company but probably one of the best advertising agencies of the world What Apple can do is marketing Hardly any other company has succeeded in selling lifestyle rather than technology And so it is no wonder that even I as an Apple critic catch me often I like iPhones with more appreciation and almost a bit of awe in their hands consider other devices – it's really funny, because it almost seems like that iPhones in my head fall into a completely different category than "normal" smartphones – which, of course, is absolute nonsense rationally But here I can only say

Good Job Apple – you know exactly what you are doing! And you're really good at it But enough of the adulation! Let's get to the actual topic – as you surely know, the life cycle begins of every iPhone here – at the Apple Keynote every year by fans and journalists attended and partially celebrated properly Traditionally, here are the latest innovations of the Tech giant with the fruit Logo – presented – so again this year in 2017 Steve Jobs Theater

And there it was – the new iPhone! iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro and to make you realize what I am about Presentation so stupid – here are some excerpts CUT After about an hour and 10 minutes so it went – the iPhone 11 is the most advanced iPhone with the most advanced display ever built Together with the most efficient chip currently available in most of the transistors ever built and it is now the most performant and efficient design what ever happened and everything is now up to 20% faster Or to make it short "And that's A13 Bionic – it's our most efficient most performant chip we have EVER build for iPhone " "IPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro are our most advanced phones" 1:34:04 And I was sitting there thinking yes! Clear! What's new about it? I could really get upset for hours – I mean presented for years Apple from year to year again "the best iPhone EVER" – YES! WOW! It's logical! You are just introducing the LATEST and most expensive product of your lineup – and you want to me seriously as a COOL and especially sell that this phone is the best "iPhone" is what you ever released? If I pay 800 € plus for a new iPhone then I assume that it is best is what you have I do my Apple every year as if the other manufacturers from time to time To bring out successors who are worse than their predecessors And because they do not know what the competition does, they can only say that the latest iPhone is just the fastest iPhone and not the fastest smartphone – where I think so well WOW PEOPLE – your new product is better than the old one? Krass – who am I allowed to hand my € 800 into? I mean yes, I know – there are thousands of other companies that certainly even stupider Pull things off but I'm just excited that a technology company like Apple's sometimes real innovation produces nothing better than to imagine and to say here: new iPhone – best iPhone ever – aka stop better than its predecessor aka "Normal" – once please 800 € I mean it would be just like Porsche introduces a new 911 and all the time insists on having built the best 911 ever really blatant performance at all the other Porsche 911s built by other companies

really crass wow You notice – I could be upset for a long time about how stupid I am I do not really like what to contribute to the topic so I'll just leave it at this point be and say: Dear Companies – please stop trying to sell your customers for being so stupid

And if you already pull us hundreds of euros from our pocket at least gives us innovations and not just a model which is faster than its predecessor In the sense of people – when you see advertising – even if it's done as well as at Apple – questions them and then thinks again in peace if you the best Product ever really needs I mean – the best iPhone ever sounds so much better than – just better but keep in mind that it only takes a year to the latest Best product ever comes out I hope you liked this PixelTalk – if that was the case, then let's like a Like and a subscription and write me necessarily in the comments about what dumb advertisements you could get upset for hours See you next time – watch my other videos and get in the door – Tschau!

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