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It is 8am, we are at La Villette We freeze the balls We are already on a sacred level Hello everyone and welcome! Today I decided to test you a new format which is that of Vlog I will take you behind the scenes of the LegalTech Village This is the 4th edition, organized by Village of Justice So the idea is going to be to show behind the scenes of the show, the different technologies

It's a small immersion approach I am with Thomas Saint Aubin Thomas who is the gray eminence of the Legal Tech in France and one of the pioneers of the Legal Tech 15 years of Legal Tech We have a network of Legal Tech lawyers We are a club of 1000 members, we will open new members today We try to share tech, datas, to increase more quickly We get bored in the Legal Tech, we get pissed off Well we talk about it or not or there is a cat with a watermelon on his head it looks like Mireille Mathieu The kiss of bearded chubby We have a lot of hopes, we're here, we're here from the beginning the first linking application It's 20 euros for 20 minutes for individuals and just under 30 euros for professionals Arthur: "What are you doing here?" Flora "in search of coffee" I finally found the coffee machine It's like disneyland in the tail for Space Mountain We have 3 hours Alexandre: "Congratulations for your TEDx" I present to you Alexander, the CEO of Jarvis Legal which is a law firm management solution Online ! Jarvis is a practice management solution that has a UX of sick you have worked a lot on design to make an intuitive user experience We spent a lot of time doing an ergonomic interface Simple and not simplistic what makes all the difference And finally a question that everyone asks Is the name JARVIS related to Iron Man? I admit it ! The idea is to make increased avocado Like Tony Stark in his Iron Man suit all the information comes in front of him, it's proactive we take the lead that's what we want to do with Jarvis with the lawyers I think I found Louis Larret Cahine and Nicolas Bustamente I am with Louis Larret Cahine who is the co-founder of Predictice which is a solution of statistical analysis of court decisions Hi everybody ! How is the Salon going? It's great to be in Legal Tech Village There are a hundred exhibitors, the ecosystem is hyper dynamic there is a great atmosphere and all the teams are having fun I understand that Predictice is developing Today there are two great news: the first is a good sign a partnership with the incubator of the Paris Bar that will allow all the lawyers of the Paris Bar so it's 30000 lawyers, it's half the lawyers in France to test the Predictice solution and then to finance it we decided to raise 5 million euros so that will allow us to double the size of our team I'm looking for the Doctrine booth? This is the Doctrine booth Normally you have champagne all the time We went to the water bottles, stamped Doctrine The first year it was organized, Doctrine was a box of 10 people, we could not participate Now we are a company of 100 people, we can participate Doctrine is a very powerful search engine, but not that? It's a legal information platform to make understandable, accessible this material which is a bit complex because nobody is supposed to ignore the law There we will arrive at the political moment and soliciting because it did not escape you but we are in the election period of the members of the Council of the Order in Paris so here we have my dear friend and brother Barthélémy Lemiale with Caroline de Puysegur who is his running mate We can say that we are a candidate, with Caroline trained in innovation! Caroline was Legal Director at Sagem Safran We are both comfortable with the question of innovation And we are ready to bring them to the heart of the Council of the Order Probability or statistics? Statistics probabilities IA or blockchain? blockchain Project manager or coding lawyer? Project Manager Predictive justice or not? Data visualisaton Incubator or Avotech Avotech Fundraising or self-financing? Before fundraising now a little bit both Pirate or corsair? Pirate Neither my captain merchant navy Paris Bar or CNB? Both If I'm going to do a little debriefing of Legal Tech Village this fourth edition it was a very nice edition there was a lot of Legal Tech Legal Tech who had been present for several years but also new come on the market whether as an exhibitor or simply as a participants but we really feel a need for law firms to legal departments to be accompanied on the entire process of digitization so it encourages me to continue my consulting business in digital transformation Anyway I hope this video you were pleased If you have questions about different Legal Tech or generally speaking about your transformation issues digital do not hesitate to send me an email arthur@tedilegal and especially subscribe to my channel go to see you soon

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