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Daniel, Tech Lead chez Société Générale


Hello, my name is Daniel, I am Tech Lead and I joined Societe Generale in 2003 The Tech Lead, he has several responsibilities but I would like to highlight 3

The first responsibility, and it's a super power he has, is to turn technology into value and that has become very important these days The second responsibility, it's a coaching responsibility In fact, he must bring his team to maturity and support it in its development The third responsibility, is that he is the guarantor and the bearer of technical solutions which he co-created with his team I joined Société Générale in 2003 as a Senior Developer

I already had a little bit of experience I arrived on subjects that were all in all quite technical around security, the PKI, self-authentication directories And I wanted to take on more and more technical responsibilities Around 2008, I wanted to try my hand at project management It was a period of my life where I wanted to see quite different things

So I tried some project management but very quickly, I understood that this is not what I wanted to do I work mainly on web projects, but actually I'm a FullStack Developer That is to say that we will realize both the Front part, than the Back part of our applications For the Front part, we're going to use fairly well-known techs like React, we are bringing in View For the Back part, we are going to use Java, Python, Node

And the common point of all these technologies, is that they come from Open Source One of the things I'm particularly proud of, is to have had the opportunity to participate to the Expertise Program The Expertise Program is a real platform to be able to speak to Top Management and be able to influence the decisions that are made Societe Generale, particularly through its Expertise Program, really recognized and valued the development profession The Developer is no longer simply as a director, but he is a full-fledged actor value creation, and that's what's really interesting

If you have ambitions, if you have a different way of looking at things, if you want to innovate, join us !

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