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    Daniel Kutschenko, Team & Projektmanager im Team Tech-Solutions


    My name is Daniel Kutschenko, I'm 36 years old, happily married and father of a two-year-old son I have been at Hager Unternehmensberatung since 2016, currently in the role of manager, ie I lead a team and at the same time occupy specialist and management positions

    I came to the recruitment consultancy as a career changer that is, originally I was involved in marketing for a large consumer goods company and then at a management consultancy There are quite a lot of people in our working world who can not reach their full potential This can have many reasons, partly because they are in an organization that does not suit them or because they are Have team members who are not suitable for them Anyone who has been in private relationships, which did not do you any good, can understand that And I see my role as a marriage counselor for managers, that is, we really bring that together, what belongs together

    For me, there are two main topics that describe the working atmosphere with us And that is one, it is very familiar, trusting, very collegial, and the other is much entrepreneurial spirit We have a lot of responsibility, design options – that's what matters to me I'm excited athletes, talk about running things at the moment Sometimes I also travel with Hager colleagues

    We have participated in the JP Morgan Chase run in recent years or at the Frankfurt Marathon And otherwise I've been active in a service club for a good six years For example, we organize charitable events, As in Advent, we sell self-made mistletoe on the Fressgasse The proceeds will benefit the Frankfurter Infant Foundation So we do something good and have a lot of fun doing it

    What I recommend candidates, the interest at Hager or in general at the personnel consultation, is, simply with a contact us if you do not already know someone from the private network, and to talk informally That's how it was with me back then, it worked well, I could get a good impression and that's usually a very quick way to figure out whether that would fit in with personal chemistry, and simply find out more about working life

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