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Dan Martin's Custom Colnago V2R Tour de France Race Bike | Team UAE Emirates Pro Bike


– This is Dan Martin's custom edition Colnago V2-r that he's going to be racing during the Tour de France Ow! This thing is sick and I'm going to dig into everything

How much it weighs, all its little key measurements, even this cool little Tour de France dongle that tracks them all over the place and gives the tour all types of information about what the riders are doing But before I do that, make sure that you click the little bell there, so every time GCN uploads a super cool video, that you get alerted And, make sure that if you haven't already, that you subscribe (upbeat music) So this V2-r is one of only two that are currently in existence One is Fabio Aru's, which he'll also be riding

And then two is Dan Martin's Now, the team has previously ridden the C64 and the Aero Concept The bike that they'd ridden before, the C64, was a lugged carbon bike This is a monocoque carbon bike Dan's bike, though, is not like any of the other bikes that are out there

He's riding a 54 tooth, Campagnolo with a 39 small tooth, and then an 11/29 rear cluster (upbeat music) In the past, UAE Emirates has ridden the C64 lugged carbon, as well as the concept Now, this bike is 200 grams lighter and not all of this V2-r are 200 grams lighter, but Dan Martin and Fabio Aru's is And that makes it super cool (upbeat music) So UAE is sponsored by Campagnolo and now this is a full Campagnolo super record setup and his mechanic told us that Dan likes a really big gear to be able to sprint and then I'm not surprised because he has put out quite a bit of power in the past when he's won all of the prestigious races that's he's won

Dan's going to be riding on a custom set of Tour de France Look keo blade ceramic pedals These pedals are really really cool So one of the other things that sticks out on this bike are these new Campagnolo bora WTO wind tunnel optimized Meaning that they've been in the tunnel, they have all of the airflow, and they're super fast Matched up vittoria Corsa tubeless tires using graphene, which has also been shown to be super fast

These tires say that they're 25C, but they look more like 28's Now, his mechanic told us that they're going to be running a little bit lighter wheel when they hit the when they hit the mountains However, Dan asked specifically for this wheel for the flatter stages so that he can conserve a little bit of energy and, I assume, that lower rolling resistance with the tubeless tire And this combo is going to be perfect Dan's cockpit is data

Now, it uses an aluminum 135 mil stem with a carbon 35 bar Traditionally, we see 318 as the clamp, but this one is 35 He's got his power meter head unit mount and the bars are 42 width However, when we measure them they're 40c, which is super pro

Very narrow So looking at the back half of the bike, we've got the elite Vico carbon cages, a stages power meter on the left side, and very uniquely is the aerodynamic d-shaped c-post that has no setback on it And mounted to it is all of the stuff that makes it super official: Tour de France number 121, which I expect that we're going to be seeing a lot of this tour All right, let's get some measurements Dan's running a 172

5 crank set Saddle height is 76, by my measurement The frame, I think, is a 52 Saddle looks to be 130 And, my favorite measurement, the center of the stem to the tip of the saddle: 55

So this is my first time doing a GCN Freehub soundcheck and I can say that I have actually never done this, but I'm excited to so let's give this one a twirl I think it sounds pretty good I can't believe I'm doing this This seems weird as (beep) Do you do this? Okay, so the moment you've all been waiting for, the weight of Dan Martin's custom Colnago

Drum roll, please (bududududududud) (drum roll) (crash cymbal) 729 killograms! Which is wicked light, but as his mechanic told us once Dan gets the Campagnolo tubulars on here, it is going to be 68 on the dot even with all the Tour de France gadgets So, I look forward to seeing this bike in the mountains and I think you do too

Thank you for watching my first pro bike on GCN I hope in the future that I get a little cleaner and a little bit better, but if you want to see some really good pro bikes that the other presenters have done, you can click right over here And if you want to get one of these super American, if you didn't know I'm American, GCN t-shirts And there's a link right down here

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