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Curaçao Tech Meetups | Let’s convert Curaçao into a Tech Economy!


My beloved people of Curaçao Hello! My name is Adric Walter and in the beginning of September I will be hosting the Curaçao Tech meetup

Curaçao tech meetup will be organized in collaboration with The University of Curaçao and Blockchain Labs This is a unique collaboration where we teamed up to organize the Curaçao Tech Meetups The four events that will be organized are Introduction to Computer Programming, in which I will teach you how to code software The second event will be Introduction to Cloud Computing Cloud computing is where most systems run nowadays in the cloud on the internet and I will explain how this can benefit our local enterprises The third event is Scrum Agile Scrum Agile is a methodology to manage and coordinate large scale projects And I will also do a fourth event which will be Bitcoins on the Beach® in where I will explain everyone what the Bitcoin and Blockchain is exactly all about And to finalize the activities we have a network event just next to the Pontoon Emma bridge in Otrobanda called Bitcoins, Beers and Funchi

This is a network event so we can get to know each other better And also get the chance to exchange great ideas I would like to invite you to order your ticket on ADRICWALTERCOM/TECH Here you can order your tickets most events are free and for other some events we just charge a small fee

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