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Cum sa faci bani online de pe smartphone sau PC in 2020!


Hello friends! I want to present you a way, through which we can earn money online From my point of view, any Internet user can do what I will show you here

As you know, there are many ways we can earn certain amounts online But I decided to introduce this method, because I tried it, I liked it and I received a payment I like to recommend to people certain products or real ways that I have personally used and have been successful And in order not to lengthen me too much, I will show you directly the site you must register The site is instaGC

com The idea of the site is simple It is a platform where are gathered some surveys that you can complete and certain tasks that you can perform Surveys and tasks are paid with amounts between 1 cent and even $ 5 It only remains for you to choose which ways you want to use to increase your income After a period of use of this platform I managed to raise only $ 10, but the time I allocated was a minimum

Because I'm busy and my time is limited I think if someone has more time It can make even beautiful revenues on such a platform Surveys are very simple and do not usually last more than 15-20 minutes What I recommend though is to add your real data! And respond as honestly as possible when completing the user profile These sites also monitor previous responses repeating certain questions to see if you somehow answer without paying interest to the questions they ask

Another issue I want you to know is that you cannot register on this site And you can't start making money until you add a PAYPAL account, which is VERIFIED! For more information on what it means to have a PAYPAL VERIFIED account, You can contact me either here on YOUTUBE, in the comments section, or on INSTAGRAM where I invite you to follow me if you want! My Instagram is marcocristian I will leave the site link in the description and invite you to register from that link to receive a welcome bonus You do not have to use my link, but if you do, this will help me too! Thank you for watching the video so far and I invite you to subscribe to my channel Give any rating you want, either LIKE or DISLIKE and post any comments or questions you have regarding this video Respectfully good bye!

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