Cricket Influence vs Moto G Power (2021) – Who Will Win?

Here’s Cricket Influence vs Moto G Power (2021).
🛒 Cricket Influence (Cricket Wireless) – e
🛒 Moto G Power 2021 (Cricket Wireless) – t
🛒 Moto G Power 2021 (Amazon) – k
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5 thoughts on “Cricket Influence vs Moto G Power (2021) – Who Will Win?

  1. I can't do Motorola anymore like I said before everyone needs to be careful with their SD cards I lost 11, 000 songs and multiple pictures due to The 2020 model I've had multiple phones in 2020 and none of that stuff happened until I used Motorola g power unlocked and the SD card I was using was an actual legit Samsung heavy duty SD card with heat protection water resistance all that shit

    so again buyers be careful

  2. Hi Kevin. Kindly post a screenshot of PUBG Mobile highest settings on Samsung Galaxy A71 5G with all software updates installed (Will really help me out). Also do you have any for sale? Please reply.

  3. Must say….Totally disagree with you on the camera. (I have the Moto G Power 2021) The camera and pictures it takes are sub-par. Very pixelated. My OnePlus 5 shoots better quality photos. Plus… the phone is always "processing" images after a shot. Hmmmm…. Not too happy about that feature. Otherwise… the phone itself is nice… I wish it were a bit smaller though! With a case, it's LARGE!

    Too LARGE!!! Also… in direct sunlight… it sucks! Very difficult to see.

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