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Crankbrothers Stamp 7 MacAskill Edition Pedals | GMBN Tech Unboxing


– Today, we're unboxing the latest flat pedals from Crankbrothers The Stamp 7 Danny MacAskill Edition

And we're gonna be giving away four pairs, in fact, these four right here with me But, before we do that we're just gonna delve into the details, we'll tell you all about them first The stamp pedals are available in various different guises suiting the slightly more budget conscious all the way through to the crazy, top-of-the-range, titanium featured pedal But the Stamp 7 is the one that Danny MacAskill wanted for himself The reason for that? It's really strong but also remains to be very light and very efficient

What he wants in a pedal You can see his little signature on the front, there Now, it spins on a forged chromoly steel axle making it very strong and very durable and it spins in two sets of bearings, they're Igus LL-glides and at the end here you can see a little greaseport That's for purging out the old grease when the time comes for maintenance and replenishing it with fresh grease which means they just stay operating smoothly for a lot longer They're also heavily sealed with a double lipped seal on one end there and, of course, there's an 8mm allen key head there for mounting them to the bike

Now, unlike the Stamp 3 pedal, these sit a lot closer to the crank arm itself Meaning, they've effectively got a narrower Q Factor This means they're gonna be a lot better for extended times pedalling in the saddle and, of course, it does give you the benefit of additional ground clearance Something that's fantastic when tackling really rocking, rooty and technically demanding terrain Now, moving onto the body itself

It's made from forged 6061 T6 aluminium so it's very, very, strong but also very, very, light Now, the coolest thing about this is the fact, as you can see here, it comes in two body sizes A small and a large Now, starting with the smaller size They measure 100mm square, so they're suitable for size five to 10, that's US sizes, or a 37 to 43 in European sizes

So, the larger size measure 114 by 111mm Quite a bit bigger than that 100mm square and are recommended for size 10 to 15, that's a 43 to 49 in European size If we liken the pedals to a skateboard deck just think about the skate shoes that you'd be skating in, so lets just say a thin soled pair of grippy skate shoes They're quite thin and the reason for that is all about the board feel, to actually feel what's going on underneath you It's the same principle, the thinner the pedal, the more stability you have

To flip it another way, imagine trying to skate in something, I don't know, let's say a pair of cuban heels Your feet are gonna be really high up from the deck, you're gonna have ankle roll, you're not gonna get that stability That's the same feeling you get with really thick pedals You don't have that stability It's all about the pedal feel and they've absolutely nailed it with the Stamp 7

Now, the body thickness is something really, really, important with the Stamp 7 They're between 11 and 13mm thick at the thickest point Now, this does a few things So, obviously, it's gonna get you loads of ground clearance which is really important for riding in technical terrain but actually, more importantly, is the fact it gives you a really good feel on the pedal It gives you a lot more stability

The thinner the pedal, the nearer to the axle you are so, in an ideal world, you want a very thin pedal However, it's a really hard thing to get right with the combination of bearings and all the other stuff you have to cram in but with the Stamp 7 Danny MacAskill Edition they've got it just right So, there's 10 adjustable pins on both sides here They tend to have the shorter pins in the middle, the longer pins around the outside and you can obviously adjust this and tailor them to feel exactly the way you want But, by having the longer pins on the outside and the shorter pins on the centre of the body you create that nice concave feel

Much like the skateboard reference from earlier So, if you like riding in thin-ish shoes where you can feel the pedals a bit more, these are gonna feel amazing and they're gonna grip your pedals like a leech Something else really good with these pedals is the fact they've got a five year, no quibbles, warranty with them Which, of course, with flat pedals and the way that they tend to make you ride a bike, that's certainly a great thing to have But, best of all, is we're giving away four pairs

In fact, these very four here Two in a size small and two in a size large So, all you need to do to enter the competition is click the link below this very video and you could be riding away on a set of Danny MacAskill Edition Crankbrothers Stamp 7 pedals For another great video that's pedal related, click over here, and you can learn everything you need to know about choosing the right pedals for you And, of course, if you like Crankbrothers pedals, give us a thumbs up

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