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Cool Tech Review: BenQ ScreenBar Lite Laptop Lamp


Hey Friends! I’m Tasia and this video is all about a cool laptop light from BenQ A few weeks ago I was approached by BenQ and asked to do a review of their new ScreenBar Lite Laptop Lamp

While I’m not being paid to do this review, they were kind enough to send me a review unit We spend a lot of time staring at our computers, and laptops and mobile devices, so the whole purpose behind this laptop lamp is to address the problem of insufficient lighting that’s causing strain on our eyes So without further adieu, let’s dive in First things first, the ScreenBar Lite comes in a nice package, complete with its own carrying case The Lite is 10 inches in length and is very lightweight – it doesn’t even weigh half a pound

The ScreenBar has a clip on the back to clip directly onto your monitor The clip has soft rubber on the inside, so it won’t cause damage to your screen Attached to the ScreenBar itself is a usb and that’s your power source for your laptop lamp Now let’s talk a little bit about this usb power source If you’re using a laptop that doesn’t have a USB port, like I am, you’re going to need a little USB to USB-C dongle

It would be really nice if future versions of the ScreenBar Lite had a USB-c cable option On the other hand, the good thing about the USB port is that it’s compatible with any USB outlet, so think a phone charger or alternate power bank All you have to do is plug in the cable and voila, your lamp is ready to go So let’s dive into the features There is a power button to easily turn it on or off without unplugging it all the time and the ScreenBar adjusts to your preferred angle

The LED light source itself is glare-free They use an Obtuse-Angled Projection design that projects the light to the ideal place within your workspace without any glare on the screen The ScreenBar Lite only uses 5W to produce the ideal illumination for a screen There’s even a built-in ambient light sensor, so it adjusts the brightness level automatically for you There’s also a little heart on the face of the light

This is the personalization button When selected, this function remembers the brightness and color temperature settings for you, so you don’t have to adjust every time Speaking of the temperature settings, using the thermometer icon option, you can adjust the light from warm to cool BenQ says the warm light helps you relax and replenishes your energy, while the cool light allows you to concentrate and boosts work efficiency If you’re worried about the life of this light, don’t be

It’ll last about 50,000 hours The only downside I see to this lamp is that at certain angles, it obstructs my tab view when I’m working in my web browsers and I have to remove it in order to use my webcam for facetime calls Other than that, I quite like the BenQ ScreenBar Lite I wear daily contacts and I suffer from dye eyes, and I definitely noticed a difference in my eyes at the end of the day after using this light It’s been really helpful when editing, which I do most days

The BenQ Screenbar Lite Lamp retails for $99 and I’ve linked below to where you can grab yourself one What do you think about this light? Would you use it? What are some of your favorite cool tech accessories? Let me know in the comments below As always, you can click right here to subscribe to my channel and right here to watch another video Thank you so much for watching, if you liked this video, I want to know so give it a like, a share or leave a comment below See ya next time!

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