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Cool New Tech at CES 2020 / Part 1


– Hey it's Justine and welcome to Part One of CES 2020 There's so much stuff to see so we better get started now

This is Sharp's 90 inch See-Through Display Obviously it is transparent But hold on a second! I can't actually see you because it's a one way mirror So when you guys come around to this side to see what I'm seeing, you're not able to see out I'm waving

See? – Oh what? – Right? Behind me is the BMW i Interaction Ease And what this is is a concept of what it would be like in the future, when there's no steering wheels – What this is is our vision of the future of autonomous mobility Looking far out, understanding when autonomous mobility is more common place, how do you actually interact and understand, and enjoy that environment – I am relaxing now

No way! – [Automated Voice] If you tap again, I will put the seat upright – What if I wanna stay here forever? Fine (beeping) Out of all of this technology, one of the things that has impressed me so much, is the technology over here This is what I would like to call Dorito technology I don't think this joke was as good as I thought it was

So I'll just carry on This is the brand new Insta360 One R You guys know that I'm such a huge fan of Insta360 But what's great about this is it's modular So you can swap out different pieces of it to make it a different type of camera

We have a 360, they have a one inch sensor, they partnered with Leica This is the Leica mod, this is so great, because it is a once inch sensor So obviously you're gonna get some really great low light Having this inside of this little camera, is pretty cool This is the aerial edition

There's two different camera lenses There's a 200 degree one on the top, and one on the bottom And this rig connects to the brains of the camera So this is our little LCD screen, and that in post, everything gets stitched together, and it'll remove the drone, including the propellers It takes a lot of skill to be an FPV drone pilot, but with this you can kind of fake being an FPV drone pilot, because it is capturing everything

So you can recapture and reframe, and shoot as if you were actually shooting FPV Sure this is gonna upset a lot of FPV pilots, but don't worry, your talent has not gone unnoticed, and you guys are so incredibly talented at drone flying I'm such a huge fan This is the 3D edition So you'll be able to shoot stereoscopic video, 180, you guys know that I've done a couple 180 videos

The future of this is, basically the possibilities are endless Because they can keep coming out with different pieces of this, and you can make whatever type of camera that you want This one is mine, so don't let anyone take it from me (electronic music) These are great! So I wanted to do an unboxing, but I didn't bring a knife into CES 'cause I was afraid I'd have to go through a metal detector But guess what, we found a knife anyway! Look at this little guy

This is gonna be perfect on top of the Insta360 This is a nice little rig! Look at this! They even have little filters? Let's go vlog! So we've got the low setting Medium High High is really bright

(electronic music) Oh my gosh It's a Yoga Synchro Visualizer – [Automated Voice] Begin to sense your center of gravity In the visual representation of the changes Bring your arms down slowly

Exhale – Am I in trouble? Should I go to the doctor– should I go to the hospital immediately? I'm not sure if I'm okay I asked if I was okay, but it was too loud in there, so I don't know Should I go to the hospital? What does this even mean? I don't know I feel fine

This is my first time riding a motorcycle And it's electric! – Zero to 60 is in under three seconds – Under three seconds? Zero to 60? (engine whirring) – Oh I'm so scared! I know it's not gonna go anywhere! (engine whirring) So now all I need is a license, and a LiveWire (laughing) (soft music) I feel like we just transported into another dimension (electronic music) New this year at CES, not only will the rollable TV roll up, but you can also have it installed on the ceiling, so it can roll down! (electronic music) LG has the largest OLED 8K display here in their booth

It is 88 inches and the screen is massive So this arm reminds me, any time I'm in the bank, and I'm sitting talking to the bank person, and they're talking about bank things, and they're like, hmmmm, I have some important information to show you They spin it around, show you the information Nice! Rotates vertical too! Have you seen my latest Instagram story? Debuting today At the bank! So you guys know that I've been a huge fan of the Wallpaper TV

But one of the biggest complaints that– well most people had, the sound bar was a little bit big You just kind didn't really know where to put it But this, the TV is slightly thicker than the Wallpaper TV, but the sound bar is so incredibly thin, that this makes so much more sense This is the new design of the sound bar for the OLED Wallpaper TV You guys have seen me unbox this before

I love the introduction of this new design, because it is so much more slim and compact (electronic music) This is a Razer Kishi, it'll turn your phone into basically looks like a Nintendo Switch

This won so many awards here at CES, and it's both IOS and Android compatible It has pass-through power so it'll also charge your phone So this is Razer's Concept 5G Mesh Router It also has a built in battery, so if you do wanna take it on the go, definitely possible So one of the trends recently is modular everything

You guys saw the Insta360 R Well this is a modular PC This their Tomahawk Gaming Desktop And Kevin just told me that you can build this thing within 30 seconds! All right so we're hopping in Razer's simulator here They said this is one of the most realistic simulators that you'll find

– [Demonstrator] So just like a real car, down shift a couple of times (electronic music) – So I've been using the Atomos Ninja V for quite a long time now, and I'm such a huge fan Since I've started recording externally, it has made everything so much easier to edit But today we're checking out the Atomos Ninja V that is connected to the Nikon Z6 And one of the things that I'm most excited about this is you can now shoot in ProRes RAW, so if you do have this camera, you do have to send it in to get a firmware update to be able to shoot in ProRes RAW

I saw a really great demo of some of the footage that was shot on here, and it looks incredible (electronic music) When I said before that Amazon Alexa was integrated into over 100,000 devices, did you ever think that it would be integrated in a gas station? Very shortly at Exxon Mobile Stations, you'll be able to say "Alexa, pay for gas" You'll then tell Alexa which pump you're at, the pump will activate, you pump your gas, get back in your car, drive away, and it is automatically charged securely to your Amazon Pay You can activate it using any Alexa devices, so you do have the Alexa app on your phone, so you could just use that, but if you have the ear buds, anything that's Alexa enabled that is connected to your Amazon account, you'll be able to drive away and pay I need this now

Now if only the gas prices weren't so ridiculously expensive I'm waiting for the Amazon electric car Where's that? (electronic music) Alexa, left side (gasps) There it goes! (electronic music)

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