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Cool Desk Tech Accessories under £50 – July!


– Okay, it's been a really, really, really rocky road but we've finally got the channel back, so welcome to TechFlow So guys, I want to kick this video off by saying a massive sorry from all of us here at TechFlow

A bunch of YouTube channels including TechFlow and a load of other ones that I own actually got compromised – someone else got hold of the channels and I couldn't log in and they changed a load of things around Really stressful, but we're back with the top 5 desk accessories Let's do this Now, in no particular order, coming in at number five, we've got this Anker charger Now this little magic charger isn't in the top 5 just because it looks kind of nice and fits in the palm of your hand

It's actually got a few party tricks which will make it absolutely awesome for any desk set up or even any travel set up I actually use this in my travel bag So on the front of it, you've got your power connector to plug in to the wall and then on the reverse side, nice and simple, we've got a power LED up here, we've got a USB C port and just below that, a USB 3 port So what makes this so special? 495 watts of power

Yes, 495 watts of power coming from this tiny little thing Now, to put that in to perspective, this thing is really, really small compared to a MacBook charger Now, albeit the MacBook charger charges at around 70-80 watts, however this, charging at 50, is small, it still charges a MacBook I've got the 15 inch MacBook Pro – it charged it to 10% in about 16 minutes and it said that it was going to take about 2 hours and 10 minutes to charge fully

I can also plug this in at home and charge up things like my Google Pixel 3A and get really, really fast speeds charging that up I managed a full 10% in about 3-4 minutes on the Pixel 3A which I thought was amazing And if you've got some really high capacity battery back ups, well this thing will get them up to juice super, super quickly as well as charging an old-school USB device at the same time I love this thing, it lives in my travel bag but it would work on a desk pretty much anywhere Beats the price of the Apple chargers too

(Quack) Coming in at number 4 guys, we've actually got this lamp that's literally right there So this thing's in here not only because it looks really, really awesome but because it is functional It gives off a really, really nice light, especially for a desk It's not all that powerful, so it's not blinding and it's nice and warm, so let's say if you're sat in there and you're reading or you're looking at your screen, this is something that I would want on my desk as a light source Now, as well as it looking cool and giving off a nice, warm glowing light, it's also powered by USB making it perfect for a desk

Most modern monitors have got a USB port on the back that's throwing out a few amps, so you could plug it in to the back of that or you could just plug it in to your computer or a wall outlet or your Anker charger, that's also charging your MacBook at the same time And then to actually operate the light, you use this draw-string in the middle If you bring the bottom ball up to the top ball, they will magnetise together and, voila, on comes the lamp This thing is super, super dope Now, don't be angry – this is a power strip

Just a standard power strip, but please hear me out! So for the next sort of 20 seconds, I'm going to review a power strip This is a nice one, it's built solidly and has three ports in it You can toggle all three ports at once with this switch It has two USB ports in it, it's built really well, it has mounting holes on the back, it has a nice thick cable that's got a nice, thick plug As a power strip, this is good but to be in a top 5, it's got to do something cool, right

Which it does – trust me So you guys have all seen those smart plugs lying around You can go ahead and plug anything in to them – lights, toasters and you can go ahead and attach those plugs to a smart assistant like an Amazon Alexa or a Google Home and go ahead and control them Now, this device right here does that but allows you to control each port individually – so one, two and three – and the two USB ports on the end That's sick! There's numerous uses I can think of right off of the top of my head for this thing

Let's imaging you've got a triple monitor computer set up – you can plug each monitor in to all of these so that, whenever you leave the house, you can make sure that all of your monitors are off by the click of a button on your phone And then, if you've got a couple of USB powered LED strips behind your monitors, you can plug them in here and then have them activated by Amazon Alexa or Google Home or on your phone This thing is super, super cool I actually use one of these in my life, not behind my desk though – I use it under my bed I have the left bed-side light plugged in here, the right bed-side light plugged in here, so both of those lights are now controlled by Google Home, and then I also plug my phone charger in to these and I have it turn off at 4 AM in the morning, automatically, to stop overcharging happening to my phone

You can use these things in really, really genius ways I think that the fact that it has the USB control on there is why I like this so much This is a sick piece of kit Now coming up in number 2 for our desk accessory video, is this mouse mat I absolutely love this thing

I bought it because it was super, super cheap and I thought it was going to be rubbish, but I love it I absolutely love it Okay, so it's a mouse mat and as far as mouse mats go, albeit it's not very big, but for somebody that works at a desk – primary demographic here – I think this is perfect because it also boasts a wireless charging pad off to the right hand side So you can literally place your phone down there and go ahead and work away This, if you charge your phone a lot, is awesome

It's powered by micro-USB up there so that it can plug straight in to your computer and I thought that this would be awesome if you had a wirelessly charging mouse Whenever you're not working, you could literally use it, put the mouse on the wireless charging pad – it's charging – and then literally, you take it off, you start working again – job's a goodun This thing – super cheap and I actually love how a mouse travels on this because of the material I'll put the link in the description It looks super, super dope as well

Now coming in at number 1, I actually bought one of these for our editor here at TechFlow and it lives on his desk so bought another one here for this top 5 This is a really simple USB C dock and it can sit on a desk – go ahead and plug, well, the USB in to your computer or in to a monitor or in to a USB port for charging But then it will also transfer stuff So if you've got a phone – this is an iPhone (they also make a lighting version of this) – you go ahead and plop it on, you can then go ahead and sync to your computer or just go ahead and charge your phone and the way it props your phone up is super, super cool You can see all of the notifications that are coming through

My editor here at TechFlow, Jed, absolutely loves this thing This, well he's got one on his desk already so I might just give him this one to take home because he seems to like the one that's on his desk already But there you go, those are five top desk accessories that came to mind when I thought of this video title I hope you enjoyed them If you guys want to leave some suggestions down in the comments, that'd be wicked but with that being said, my name's been Alex, this has been TechFlow, you guys knew that, and we'll catch you in the next one


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