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Compréhension orale A2 | L'actu tout en français : interdire les smartphones en marchant


Good morning all ! Today in L'actu tout en français, I'm going to tell you about a project of the city of Yamamoto in Japan Have you ever used your smartphone while walking on the street? You have already seen little accidents between two people who had their noses on their phones? Well in the city of Yamamoto, located in the suburbs of Tokyo, the capital of Japan, this kind of accident often happens

Too often, according to local government Because of the large number of accidents caused by inattention, the city of Yamamoto wishes prohibit the use of the telephone while walking This new measure was proposed to city council on Monday, June 1, and the final decision will be communicated at the end of the month For the moment, no sanction is indicated against pedestrians who continue to watch their smartphones while they are walking on the street Local authorities prefer to communicate with information campaigns which indicate the risks: bumping into, or worse, putting lives at risk

In 2014, the Japanese-based telephone operator NTT Docomo did a study The results indicated that when a pedestrian looks at the screen of his smartphone, his field of vision decreases by 95% compared to normal vision For this study, there was a simulation to see what would happen if 1500 pedestrians were crossing the busy Shibuya intersection, looking their smartphone The results showed that there would be 446 collisions, and 103 people injured What do you think ? Should we ban the use of phones when you walk on the street, like when you drive? Thank you for listening to L'actu while in French

You can do the listening exercises on the toutenfrancaistv website See you soon for a new podcast!

Source: Youtube

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