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    Compensa – Vale a Pena Fazer Curso Manutenção Conserto Celular? Xiaomi, Smartphone, Iphone, 2020


    Is it worth taking a cell phone maintenance course? is it really worth it? hello this is a 100% cellular channel my name is lucas and if you are not subscribed subscribe right and today will talk about this question and whether or not it is worth taking a cell phone maintenance course it's personal before I'd like to say this video has no addition I usually don't do books editing on this channel because they are normally objective videos so you a lot is not come on was it worth taking a personal cell maintenance course i usually answering this question is the following answer is worth and not worth you you can take a walk but for what it's worth and not worth taking a cell blanket course because look if you or that person who is just going on the wave of most of you don't want to dedicate yourself is simply after something easy so the staff is not worth taking a course to keep their cell phone why it's not worth it because you need dedication and knowledge right then it's not something you're going to come in today right and today you will want money not personal you need to dedicate is like when it's like for example a college you enter college so what will happen there that you will study just have to dedicate to start to have the same results thing the cell maintenance contest but if you are that person who is willing to pay the price right and will dedicate really to this business I tell you that you have great chances of really right change your financial life is and and stop not so stop relying on jobs right and you even form your business your job including employing even more people because it's worth doing a third home course when you are the right person because we know that one of the things that most growing today in the market this mobile sales market so Claudia this has grown in the world the number of handset in Brazil has reached almost 300 million so it's a market that is very comprehensive so the person who can mobile phone is for sure will make money is something other than I know if you have noticed that also depend on the society of the week in big city small story but mostly small city is the number personal mobile phone is very large and usually have no assistance enough or do not have assistance right to support these nekounan devices how when so perfect so so the number of professionals who work is in this area is still a very small number folks so it's a market that has a lot of people, that's how a lot of people want buying appliance appliance from city hall and few people who work on the issue of maintaining cpi is usually here on girl is like this in my city is not when you talk like that about making an advice cool on your phone only expensive devices like the iphone usually have to walk at least 40 kilometers for you to find a assistance that will really select that problem you are then you will thinking in this area is very worthwhile you have to dedicate the bomb to be knowledgeable right you need to do some course today at market has available today is not going to be so has several available courses are in person such as senai senac courses, among others courses also from other schools is and also online courses is available This is how I know a friend of mine here, I live like that we work in this area there is a very close area and leave so this direct type to take a cell phone maintenance course because very good time online neoci folks is because so I speak online course because the user you have more options right and the storms are longer ie you learn more content when it comes to course is in person they are good too but i think the very short duration so that's how i I have a preference neither I have a much more preference for online courses because you have the support everything right is usually cheaper right you pay cheaper and you can watch would you want the content is quite long so if you are thinking of getting into this easy dedicate area costs good that for sure you will have now also if you are that person who simply doesn't have no response to the inmate is so you better look for something else but if you want to know the biggest Brazil's contest is this morning mobile or solae and leave a link on description of this video you click there and check right remembering that I don't own the course is simply I put this course here will help you you are researching can grow will be interested in this area so go there click and you will know the course logically i like brazil top is good look guys hug thank you very much to this video

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