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Como sincronizar smartphone ou tablet na Smart TV


Hi people! Today I'm going to teach you how to sync your smartphone or tablet with SmartTV Look only! Did you know that your smartphone can be used TV remote control? And that you can still display in it, photos that are in your album or videos being streamed from your phone or tablet? To begin with, I'll teach you how to turn your smartphone into a remote control

It's just enter the app store on your mobile device, search for the brand of your TV and download the app The sync mode may vary slightly, depending on the brand, OK? Connect your TV and smartphone to the same network Wi-Fi, enter the app and find the TV A code will be displayed on the screen to be inserted in the cell phone Ready! Your TV is now controlled by your smartphone In the control app itself you can display images that are in the photo and video album of the tablet or smartphone, see? Click here and under "My Content

" Then select and click here) You can show those beautiful pictures from your last trip on the big screen! Now, to synchronize YouTube and Netflix is ​​also very easy, want to see? First, you need to have apps downloaded both on TV and on mobile phone and connect devices on the same Wi-Fi network Click here, select the television and use the app as usual When you choose what you want to watch, the video will be displayed directly from the TV Much cool huh? So, I got to help you? And whenever you have any questions, just talk to me on social networks

Use to #LuExplica that I answer everything

Source: Youtube

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