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Como restaurar seu smartphone ao padrão de fábrica – Tutorial


What's up guys, how's it going? I'm Pedro Rodrigues, and this is one more video of our channel To talk about technology And specifically today I want to give a tip very simple and basic For those who already know and messes a lot on smartphone Maybe this video is useless There are a lot of people who have difficulty I did not even know there were so many people who had difficulty To do what I'm going to explain today What is getting your cell phone back to the factory default And it's very simple And the process you're going to follow now Everyone stay there with a big hug from us Good people, you have a smartphone there a long time It has accumulated files of the most diverse types Be music, photographs that you take with your camera Applications that you have downloaded and many that you do not use it anymore but you do not have the courage to uninstall So this is causing on your smartphone a very large slowness So in these cases What is recommended is that you make a Factory reset Or the reset You will put your smartphone in the factory default Then it will clean everything

Absolutely everything And it's going to put a scratch on your smartphone It's going to be new again So this is recommended and today The video is just to guide them in this If you have trouble today is the day to you learn What is recommended before doing this Is, if you have not yet, a mechanism of Automatic backup on Google+ or another Cloud Storage System What is recommended is that you make a backup of your photos and your files as So this is the first tip Make the Backup Done you go in Settings In Settings Once in Settings you come here Back up and reset Clicked here You will see this option here ó Restore Factory Default You will click on it and there will give you some information That you will zero Some alerts right? For you to rethink But as you are absolutely sure You click on Zero device Delete all your personal information and downloaded applications? Unable to retrieve data As we have the fullest and absolute certainty of what we want to do Let's click Delete All Ready Now is just wait Good people, now everything from scratch Ready, you need an internet signal for you to activate your smartphone Preferably wifi, it's much faster Plus a gmail account She has So let's put the account she has Restoring So now he is restoring the account Everything you had before Google will bring back Of course the files do not all have been lost and everything starts from scratch now the cell phone much lighter Much easier for you to handle Dropbox It's a cloud storage service It's important for you to have your photos be saved automatically How are you starting now? He's going to want to give me some tips As if I did not know how to move it So here folks is the smartphone of the way as it comes from the factory With this hideous launcher that he usually bring your apps Pretty little google will probably bring it automatically So perfect, this is your smartphone

already reset Factory default So that's it folks I hope I have been useful And have been able to contribute there so that you make your Smartphone more That's what I had for today A big hug

Source: Youtube

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