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Como recuperar a senha do smartphone Android


Hello! Forgot the password that blocks your Android phone? Come with Lu that I'll I help! The first thing you need to do is to miss 5 times the password Then click here the mobile will ask you to put the email of your Gmail account and the password

Ready! The device will unlock and then just put a new password Now if you also forgot your email password, you'll need to sign in to the Gmail website to redefine it, okay? Click here, inform that you do not know your password and enter your password email If you remember an older password, just enter it as Gmail goes ask you to verify your account by a code that will arrive on your cell phone via SMS Then just enter and follow the step by step, as I explained in the first indication And if you do not know any other password, click on I do not know that you can choose between an automatic call on your cell phone or a message with the code to change the password

Once you type it, the code will be reset Then, on the cell phone, just go wrong 5 times the password and put your Gmail email and password you'll be able to mess with it no problem! I hope it helped you And whenever you If you have any questions, just talk to me on social networks Use the #LuExplica that I answer all!

Source: Youtube

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