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Como MELHORAR a precisão do GPS em seu smartphone


Hello, in this video you will see how best to use GPS on your smartphone Brazil has a very extensive territory and the accuracy of GPS in the smartphones may vary by region

However, there is an attribute called location method that if used correctly can improve your performance The location method is divided into three levels in your GPS, being low, medium, and high precision Accuracy is considered high when the coordinate is captured with a margin of error of maximum of 20 meters The mean is a margin of error of 20 to 100 meters, and the low accuracy has a margin of error above 100 meters When you select the high-precision mode in your GPS application, your device will use the maximum resource to get a good satellite signal

In this case it is advisable to use a car charger for your mobile phone, as this method consumes more battery power than normal With the average mode your equipment will consume less battery mode, but the GPS setting level on the map will be reduced And the low mode accuracy will consume less resources on your device, but I do not advise in this mode because of its high margin of error In the vast majority of regions, the GPS signal is of medium or high quality, which is considered a good coordinate quality for mounting visions of route monitoring, for example A deregulated compass may also affect accuracy of GPS

To solve this type of problem it is possible to use applications to calibrate the compass An example is the GPS Status & Toolbox application Sometimes your smartphone may connected to a GPS satellite even if it is no longer within your reach, and this can lead to a weak and even non-existent signal The application we use to calibrate the compass can also help in this case, simply use the reset GPS data option This action must be taken from time to time to keep GPS proper functioning

Another important point is the smartphone The newer handsets already come with A-GPS technology, which is latest and reliable So if you are going to buy one new device and want to have a good functioning of the GPS, make sure it has this technology Well, I hope you enjoyed the video and It's very important for people who sign up for the channel Click on this card and watch another video about it

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