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Como imprimir do Celular, Smartphone ou Tablet Android via Wi-fi


Hi folks! How things doing?! Another video available for you'all This time, who had problems printing from a Android device to a Wireless Printer Won't have it anymore I will be brief: It's a simple procedure, so I don't have much to say, only show it

Let's do this The first step is going to General Settings Then search for "PRINTING" Press on it And as you can see there's now service available yet So we press on those three dots option On your top right Now press on "ADD SERVICE" Internet is mandatory for this kind of procedure The service that you will install depends of your printer brand

I'm a HP 2546 user, then I'll select HP Accept it Now just wait for downloading and setup Let's get back, ok? And wait until the service appears As we can see now Ready! But it's not able yet

As the screen shows up: HP Print Service plugin is Off Let's press on it And slide it to the left Read the notification and Press "OK" Done! Guys, just saying The printer needs to be turned ON to be found So, before you do this procedure just turn you printer ON

Wait for it I just turned my printer ON (chuckles) It's a great example

Done! Now that the service is listed, nothing else is necessary, get it? You can now print whatever you want Let's say I want print some of my pics Then I'll go to my Gallery

In this case I'll select one of my camera's pictures We just press on the three dots option (Top right) then "PRINT" option Every time you press on PRINT option, printing settings will be available before you decide printing something

Paper size, number of copies, color options (Black and White or color), photo orientation (Portrait or landscape) Anyway, the settings you want Some people complain that there's no Printer available It's because "SAVE AS PDF" option is currently selected

To solve this issue, press on "SAVE AS PDF" option then select the available printer in your android Right? Well, as you all can see it's a simple procedure And I really hope it helps Take care guys! See you in the next video! Thanks!

Source: Youtube

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