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Como identificar um robô nas redes sociais? – Tech Drops #20


Who has never discussed with a stranger on the internet, right? But have you ever wondered who the people are? Who are you spending your arguments with? Are they really people? Watch now, at Tech Drops! It's no secret to anyone that part of the users of social networks they are not flesh and blood

The so-called "bots" are false accounts in which users are nothing more than robots From time to time a wave of exclusion from these accounts on Twitter and Instagram, mainly But at the same time that they are excluded, so many are created and the robots are still there, interacting with you normally It is not very easy to identify these profiles, since artificial intelligence and machine learning tools are increasingly advanced But robots are not perfect technologies and give us some clues

Checking information that fills a profile on a social network can help Most bots have no name, no biography and no profile photo Some more upscale ones even have photos, but are often photos taken from Google same and automatically generated names Each person has a different way of speaking, as well as a different way of writing Despite the advances, it is not easy to copy the typical language of human language

The language of a bot is formed from the logic of an algorithm Thus, she ends up repeating many words and complete sentences and the answers seem plastered, as if they were prefabricated models Most bots still can not understand particular characteristics of human language like humor, irony or sarcasm If you use one of these devices and receive a response means nothing to see, can be a good indication that it is a robot The bots are programmed to fulfill a mission

In the case of social networks, these missions almost always is to speak exhaustively about a single subject Therefore, it's good to be suspicious of profiles that always talk about the same thing and who always publish the same links It is common for marketing campaigns to include "tweens" in their strategies, with the goal of uploading a Twitter trending topics tag These tweets usually have an appointment and many real people adhere to them with one, two or three tweets But some accounts that participate in these actions sometimes they publish frantically for hours, a tweet after another, no rest, with a difference of a few seconds between one post and another

It may be a hint of a robot, since humans need to sleep, eat and do not type so fast Thus, the advice that is left is for you to investigate a little before entering into a fervent discussion with some stranger on the internet You may be spending your more elaborate arguments with a robot, programmed to take you seriously and make you waste your precious time In the description of this video you have a pro Pega Bot link, a tool that analyzes the name of a Twitter user to evaluate the possibility of the account being false Only works with Twitter streams, but it's worth a look

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