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Como fazer backup e resetar o smartphone Android – Programa Olhar Digital (25/06/2016)


Smartphones have become the center of our digital life, saying that they are a type of modern Swiss Army Knife no longer does justice to everything they do After all, In addition to helping us in various day-to-day tasks they also keep countless information personal life, that is, you can not risk losing those and avoiding this problem is easier than it sounds

Today you will see how to back up your Android smartphone, who has the details is our specialist columnist for untouching technology Hi Lu! Hi Marisa, hi guys! It's time to untangle the technology! Is your Android smartphone crashing or will you change handset? So maybe it's a good option you restore your cell phone! When a device is restored it comes back factory settings, that is, delete everything you've stored and start to function as if you were just out of the box, you know? But not to lose all your files, you need to do a backup And that's what I'm going to explain to you today: how to back up your Android Look, Android has a pretty cool backup feature pros smartphones

There under "Settings," go to "Accounts" and then "Google" Click the name of your Gmail account and check all the options that appear Thus, all your data will be sent to your email! After that, go back to the settings and go to "Backup and Restore" Before you mark "Data Backup" and "Restore automatic ", take a look if your Gmail is inserted in the" Backup Account ", OK? And to facilitate, look at this tip! Also gives to download applications that do all this backup work for you EasyBackup, for example, can save up to call history and SMS

Just select what should be saved and choose whether to save them to your MicroSD card, email, or cloud services And speaking of the cloud, this service is a great option to save, mainly, photos, videos, music and documents I I told you about this storage last week, remember? You can make a copy of files in Google Drive or Dropbox, for example, and access whenever you need it You can also transfer everything via a USB cable straight to the computer If your notebook has a Bluetooth connection, this is also a way to save data and without plugging anything! Ready! Now you do not run the risk of lose your files when you restore your smartphone! Next week, I'll come back with another theme, okay? To the! It's Marisa with you!

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