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Como espelhar o smartphone na TV – Programa Olhar Digital (26/11/2016)


One of the easiest ways to watch online videos like NetFlix for example, is to use your smartphone, mirroring content on the TV screen You can do the same when you want to show the travel photos to friends

Mirroring the smartphone on TV is super simple, the step by step with our expert columnist in uncomplicated technology Hi Lu! Hi Marisa, hi guys! It's time to untangle the technology! Did you know that you can control your Smart TV from your smartphone and still mirror the phone on the TV? So you do not need to use the remote control and can still show photos that are in your mobile to friends and even play a video Look how easy it is! Television manufacturers often have remote control applications, so it's only you search for the brand of your TV in the app store and download The sync mode may vary slightly depending on the tag, ta? But you need to connect your TV and smartphone to the same Wi-Fi network, enter the app and select the television that is to connect When you do this, a code will appear on the TV screen that needs to be inserted in the cell phone

Ready! Your TV is now controlled by your smartphone Look: you can change the channels, use the keyboard and move the cursor through the touchscreen of the cell phone The cool thing is that the app itself already gives you the option of displaying images, videos and playing music which are on the cell phone And to facilitate, look at this tip! Do you see this symbol that looks like a TV with Wi-Fi? If you touch it, you'll be able to mirror the smartphone screen on the television! Some applications like YouTube and Netflix also have this function, so it's just you enter the app, connect to your TV and click here Incredible, is not it? And if you have an iPhone and an Apple TV, neither do you need to download application! Just connect the two devices and click on "AirPlay Mirroring" as the screen will appear on the TV

Ready! Now you know how to control your smart TV on the cell phone and still can mirror until then! See how technology can make your life easier? It's Marisa with you!

Source: Youtube

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