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Como escolher o smartphone ideal


People, there is so much smartphone option out there that when it's time to buy it gets tough to choose, is not it? But today I'll show you what you need to keep an eye on when it comes to buying one Look that! The first thing to look at is the processor

It is composed of cores, which help the cell to run all the programs So, the more cores it has, the chance of crashing when opening apps is much smaller So look for a cell phone that has four or more and speeds above 1

2GHz All the information is indicated in the manual, ok? And to facilitate, look at this tip! When the processor is fast, in addition to not letting the phone crash, it still helps to save battery! Pretty cool huh? Another important point is memory, but there are two types to look at, see? RAM and internal memory RAM is used by the system to run basic applications and tasks Ideally, it's at least 2GB, okay? Already the internal memory is for storage It stores photos, videos, files, music, and application data

Cell phones usually have 8, 16, 32, 64 and 128 Gigabyte versions; So the bigger the is the amount of gigabytes, the greater the storage capacity In addition, some phones still offer microSD card space Also worth seeing the size of the smartphone, see? Screens over 5 inches are great for surfing the internet, playing games and watching to videos, but are harder to use with one hand and do not fit in small pockets And if you want a smartphone with a good camera, in addition to looking at the amount of megapixels, also worth keeping an eye on the quality of the lens and if the device has flash and stabilizer optical, to ensure your photos do not come out blurry or dark! Lastly, be sure to see the extra features, such as biometric sensor, which unlocks with fingerprint, water resistance and other functions that can the day by day What's up? Hope this helps!

Source: Youtube

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