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Comment réparer un câble dénudé (chargeur smartphone)


Hello My girlfriend put schoolboy tape on her bare smartphone charger cable

I first shouted at her Then I ordered a roll of insulating tape on Amazon This one cost me 1 euro including postage It was delivered to me in 1 day with Amazon Prime I showed in a previous episode that you could test Amazon for free for a month

(file) I see this purchase as an investment because this product is useful for me to repair electrical appliances: ovens, fans, drills, teleporters, et cetera and so on I cut a piece of a few centimeters And I wrapped it around the cable I invite you to wrap it by squeezing harder than me Because of this error, after a few days, the roll was peeling slightly and took the dust

I added a few drops of glue strong first price of big surface This repair has been good since August 10, 2018 She is asked daily If she lets go, I'll mark it in the description and specify when May this video help beginners keep their equipment running for a long time

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