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Columbus artist might have a job with tech giant after Juneteenth Google Doodle


I would say, I've always been drawing forever, I love drawing More black beauty, black art, more social commentary pieces

I love to tell stories, I love to do some comics, character designs, and stuff like that I was already doing a Juneteenth piece anyway, for my social commentary But I happened to be on Google and I noticed that Google did not create anything And I quickly thought to myself, what if I help them out and do something for them? In the back of my mind, I always wanted to create a Google Doodle anyway I scrapped my original idea, and I sketched out some possibilities for the Google Doodle

I know I wanted to use the fists in chains for freedom, and I was like I can probably incorporate the Google name as the chains I was traveling to Atlanta, and I got an email from a recruiter at Google and they asked me if I wanted to chat and discuss different roles And I was like, that'd be amazing So we scheduled the chat And we're going through the process now to see what what role I would want to do for them

Source: Youtube

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