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CojiCoji㊲ Is Coji-Coji a boy or a girl<For Smartphone>


You bastard! Buzz off! They're fighting again They're buddies only when they're thinking something bad Whatta strange relationship

Not that it matters Suzy's face is pretty messed up Yeah, even if she's ugly, if she was friendlier, we would like her more She has no charm at all I wonder what her reasons are to live as a woman She probably forgot she is a woman That's something, forgetting your gender What's a gender? You don't know what it is? No It means boy or girl By the way, I have no idea whether Coji-Coji is a boy or a girl I shouldn't really be asking you this now but what are you? I don't know! What?! You don't know? That's right, I don't know You don't know… Well, so much for that

Source: Youtube

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