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Cognite Tech Update | January 2020


Hi! I'm Martin, and I'm back with a new Cognite Scoop, a quick update on the most exciting and interesting tech news from the Cognite team every month There have been a lot of questions regarding our mentions of ADI and Console in the previous videos, so I thought we could go further into detail on what these products are, what they mean to Cognite and the industry, and the latest updates around these applications

Asset Data Insight is a data exploration, analytics, and dashboarding solution that empowers maintenance planners and equipment operators to make data-driven decisions and guarantee higher uptime across their entire installed base Using Insight, asset operators are able to explore all data related to their assets, including equipment details, documents, sensor values, and maintenance history With the new global search function, we allow users to search for any data in CDF with a click of a button Now you can also add your own threshold functions to monitor the status of one or more time series in an intuitive, visual way If you want to know more about ADI, please feel free to check out our website

You'll find a lot of content Now on to Console, the administrative interface to CDF The Console is where you control which users have access to what data, as well as interacting with our solutions for data quality and data governance Through Console you can now interact with the concept of a data kit, a collection of data that powers a model or an application that's built on CDF With data kits you can specify the data quality requirements in the data kit and continuously monitor that it meets those requirements

You can also manage the data kits to see who their owners are and which apps and models are being used In a data kit, in addition to data from CDF, it includes quality requirements for the data it contains When the data kit does not meet its data quality requirements, a new event is generated in CDF that includes some key information for you to act on, like which time series broke the data quality requirements and the latest timestamp of a given time series For more information please see the guides on our documentation site to get started That's it for this update

Thanks a lot for watching I hope you have a better understanding of ADI and Console Please feel free to browse our website for more information I really hope you'll take a minute to leave us a little comment and let us know how this video helped, or what you'd like to see from this series in the future Make sure you subscribe to our channel so you'll never miss another Cognite scoop

See you next month!

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