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Chinese Tech Stocks Show No Mercy *Must Watch*


Chinese Stock Tariffs are crazy Hey, it is Alec here and today's video we're gonna be talking about the dreaded Chinese tech stocks that seem to never give up on selling here we are showing to jd

com stock down six point five two percent even on the 15-minute mark it is showing that there is no resistance the Mac D he's gonna come back down it's probably gonna retest we're going to see before anything now I made a video about why JD stock was a buy in fact their financials are amazing so it's very confusing in regards to why it keeps dropping and especially at a thirty dollar valuation this is like easily a sixty seventy dollar valuation now the RSI is a zero and it's been zero for about four days now but looking kind of in the past looks like September of last year it was pretty much below a 1 on the RSI for about a month and a half and over and then it kind of rebounded but you would have lost money from here here now determining the technicals for at least the RSI nemac – you're getting very very tricky so this is why sometimes you need to read the fundamentals when evaluating the stock but even if we go to Alibaba sockson will be a be a there's a lot of hesitation there's a lot of volatility now this would be a great stock for me to swing trade because you know earnings they just drop and you want to wait for the rebound and there's almost a rebound at every drop almost a rebound every jump and then there is kind of this hesitation at least for the blowing around like if you look across easy all day swing trades all day now the prime is that Alibaba is supposed to report their earnings in a couple days JD calm their directive editors supposed to do their earnings as well and then even buy do it's supposed to do their earnings relatively soon so it gets really nerve-racking when you see these Chinese tech stocks just drop and drop and drop and drop because this is because of the trumpet air war that is going on right now now I do not think anyone should freak out in fact I think if anything these stocks are added at the cheapest evaluation you could ever give them especially if I do because it always always rebound to this mark and I'm so happy actually that made this video right now because I might actually put a couple shares in this I mean now I mean we're at the very end this Bollinger Band is extending like a motherfucker look at this the RSI has been pretty much a 1 it's the best 5 days at least on the way to no pairs is the V whapped RSI MACD Bollinger Bands you know there's a couple other like ATR and stuff like that but as of right now I do nothing anyone should be concerned in regards to these tech stocks in fact I think that people should even buy more of them because what's happening is you have these Chinese tariffs and it's getting in a mine of investors and they're selling and it's song and they're selling but the truth is is that these companies are making billions and billions of dollars if we just go ahead and look at JD stock right now I don't stock with what we do JD you do some Google JD stock and you look at their financial report financials should be you click over to Finance right here you know financials you know the revenue up 33 percent and the income up five hundred thirty seven percent these these numbers are freaking amazing now you know every quarters gonna be a little bit different because the seasons change and consumers demands for certain products change and for instance June of last year their net incomes was negative 500 million but in September they were up a billion December they were down and then March they were down but their net income has been increasingly improved at least in the past five years and they're the world's third largest Internet company by revenue so for the third largest Internet company by revenue to be where $30 is already a complete under evaluation and to see these stocks just get destroyed out there is a very very devastating to at least the Chinese economy even the United States economy because a lot money in the United States – so I remind you guys to be safe out there I will probably have to plot my money before JT calm because I just have to follow my trading rules and that has never trade you for earnings because I see guys saw in my last video I decided to go against that and trade redfin RTFM and there was a significant pullback I mean significant drop in my portfolio almost 22% from here to here so yeah so ultimately guys be careful out there just be careful all right thanks guys bye guys have a good one and remember don't worry

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