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    Charmin's Pee-Pee and Poo-Poo Tech | CES 2020


    (farting noise) – It seems pretty foul (farting) Hi, Nashville folks, I am Jess Joho and I'm about to check out Charmin's conceptual bathroom robots

    If you think you don't need robots for bathrooms, then you're really not doing it right, because there are a lot of situations where our robot friends could really help us out in our most vulnerable human moments, and we're gonna see exactly what those moments are You know, the bathroom is the future and we're here to see it (laughing) We are at the smell sense robot who will, you know, tell you when it's safe to go inside a bathroom, because nothing is worse than opening the door and just getting hit in the face by something foul So what you do here is we're gonna demonstrate by pressing the button It's gonna generate a fart smell

    (farting noise) It's pretty foul (farting noise) (laughing) We're waiting it out He's sniffing His little nose is like I'm glad he's smelling it and not me Um and now he says I'm (mumbles) to go We're fine It's good

    We're all good No one needs to know about what you did in the bathroom I've never felt classier This is for those dire moments when you're on the toilet and you notice some (beep) asshole has not replaced the roll and so what do you do? You call in your friendly robot to bring you a roll (upbeat music) Ah, my children, lovely, please

    Come to me Oh my gosh, thank you sir, thank you We are at the VIPee, that's V-I-P-E-E You get it? And we are about to go into the virtual reality Porta Potty So if you have to go to the bathroom and you're at a concert, you know, you can get the best seats in the house by just staying right on your throne

    Oh my gosh All right, this is like Coachella-esque Oh my God Honestly, this is way better than being around these people Oh my gosh

    Behind me is someone filming Oh my God Who is on stage? Just some random DJ Doesn't seem to be doing much music, but you know what? We're at a concert It seems Coachella-esque and I'm glad I'm in the toilet and not actually at the concert

    I would much prefer this, to be honest All right, there's a pineapple I'm gonna get the hell out of here (laughing) (upbeat music)

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