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Central Multimídia utilizando o seu Smartphone + Cabo P2 – Tuning Parts


What about Family Tuning Parts? All right? I'm Bianca and in today's video I'm going to teach you how to have your own multimedia center using only an android cell phone and an auxiliary cable And before giving continuity you already know, let that like, subscribe to our channel, share our video that will help us This is a very simple and very cool tip for those who still have the original sound of their car, that only accepts auxiliary cable, which is my case and also has an android phone, which it's not my case

You will have your own multimedia while driving using only an auxiliary cable and the your mobile phone And it is very important that you install android auto on your mobile phone so that your multimedia work For you to use is quite easy, will connect the auxiliary cable on your cell phone and your sound It will enable Android Auto on the device and will put it in the holder if you have a in your car, if you do not have there, it's okay All connected, now just use the voice command of your device

For example, you want to use the map, want to go to your home, you are not at home, you Talk to google "Ok Google", go home Okay Google, let's not go home "Ok Google", go home – Sailing home

And he does all the directing And besides the map function, it also has the function of music and call, but you You can call talking to google "Ok Google", call a local – Calling Sogrão And he calls you

I'm sure when you're driving your Whatsapp you're pumping and you're dying of curiosity to see the messages, and the interesting thing is that getting the message, as I'll do it now, I'll send one Google reads the message for you You'll just have to squeeze in here to play – Here's the message: Hi Bianca

And then you can reply, "Ok Google", reply message "What's the message?" Hello! Good afternoon – OK! This is your message: Hi, good afternoon Either send it or change it Submit

Tired of listening to your messages, now you want to listen to a song, it's just you ask google to play your songs "Ok Google", play music – OK! Asking to play music And he's already playing his spotify songs What's up? Like this impromptu multimedia, have some other tip you're interested in to learn, leave it here in the comments

Did you like the video? So you know, leave that like, subscribe to our channel, share our video see you next time Bye google – See you later

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