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Céline vs Vincent la guerre à Green Tech et Tom Belesta gay – Plus belle la vie


Nothing is better for Vincent and Céline who work together again Jeanne tries to question Babeth about the planned actions at the hospital, but Babeth says nothing

Camille is in tears with Leah: she has the impression of having lost her daughter Thelma Camille goes after Léa in the end by saying that she can not understand because she has no children They are arguing Camille is disturbed that Thelma does not speak to him anymore Blandine and Tom bury the hatchet, they do not talk anymore about the pictures of men she saw

Blandine presents to Tom a friend (Jean Ed) whom she had met at WYD Tom stays cold when Jean Ed is close (he touches her hand) Tom tells Blandine he's not homo what matters is the person He does not want to be tagged Vincent watches Céline at work and thinks about their stories But a few hours later, they take the lead Employees land in Jeanne's office because they do not accept the restructuring plan

They are determined to sequester as long as she does not call Laurent Dautrey Tom does not want a label: gay or not? straight or not? it's the person who counts Benoit comes to see Eugenie on the terrace at the Mistral: he would like her to write an article to mobilize public opinion Eugenie tells him not at first but he ends up telling him that all these problems are related to a story of Q Du coup Eugenie is much more interested

Patrick comes to Leah to inform him of what is happening at the hotel: he does not want her to go to the hotel Patrick wants her to come home so she cancels the appointment with Cristal Stan is disgusted Hugo is hard with his sister Thelma: Thérèse tries to soften tensions Jerome confesses to Laetitia that he has some doubts about Tom's sexuality and that would bother him that he is homosexual

Céline made a mistake in the delivery concerning the sending of a file Vincent tells him that it's dramatic, they risk losing their job Jeanne is held hostage and Stéphane tells him that she will not leave because now employees have nothing to lose

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