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    Ce smartphone ZOOM jusqu'à X60 | Realme X3 SuperZoom : prise en main


    Hi to all of you ! I'm glad to meet you for this new video it's going to be an unpacking, a presentation and a first grip on the Realme X3 SuperZoom so it's new high-end smartphone from Realme, a brand that was unknown to there are still two years and which begins to make a place little by little he is seems to be 7th in the world ahead of much older brands such as LG

    so this smartphone is a high end like i said it is sold 499 euros in France but at the moment on some sites there is a reimbursement of 50 euros which is made I put the links in description video if you're interested Basically it makes smartphone at 449 € so not exactly because you still have to advance the 50 euros at the base if you are interested in this video stay connected we are back for this unpacking and if you are still not subscribed and that you don't want to miss the next test of this smartphone that will arrive from here a few days, don't hesitate to subscribe and activate the little bell to receive a notification when I take out a new video So going back to this Realme X3 SuperZoom it is equipped with a snapdragon 855+ processor this is the high-end qualcomm processor from six months ago even if since the 865 came out it's still an ultra powerful processor which will be a problem with no task

    It is coupled with 2 gigabytes of RAM memory lpddr4x and 256 gigabytes of UFS 30 storage memory the gpu it is an adreno 640 and it is available in two colors Arctic White and Glacier Blue so white and blue I'm going to unpack it right away to see a little plus its dimensions, its cameras and its screen so inside we have exactly the same storage as the latest Realme smartphones that I tested Realme 6 Pro and the Realme X50 Pro

    by the way if you want to see the tests and you haven't seen them they will appear at the top of the video otherwise you can search for them on my channel So it's the same arrangement Inside we therefore have a shell every time with the booklets, exactly! the encloses a small booklet (a user guide) to read or not it's always handy to have a shell with the smartphone does not damage it while waiting to buy a better one or not A transparent shell is not the best possible shell it tends to yellowing over time this type of shell but it's cool and it's present

    we have the smartphone, I put it aside first There's also the charger important sector otherwise you cannot change your smartphone and it is therefore a charger fast 30 watts we have the USB / USB Type-C cable So type-c it has become somewhat the norm on high-end and mid-range smartphones and even entry level now we have the small needle for housing nano SIM card

    In terms of dimensions we are on a smartphone that is 1638 mm long by 758 mm wide with 89 mm thick, for a weight of 202 grams the screen is an IPS LCD in 120 Hertz, 6

    6 inches with full hd + definition I'm going right away start the smartphone to get started and see the quality a bit of the screen and see a little the smartphone once turned on I'm on the color "glacier white" so the white which looks pretty good there are some small light reflection you may see it on camera so overall it's pretty good it's nothing original, it looks like many Realme 6 Pro and Realme X50 Pro 5G, they did not take the lead so they released three smartphones with a fairly similar design At first glance the perceived quality, the finishes are rather not too much badly, the materials are not particularly very high-end we're on plastic but despite everything it looks pretty good so i will start we have the start button which is positioned on the right edge and which also acts as a fingerprint sensor so as on the last smartphones of the brand we're on a borderless smartphone with a punch on the screen to house the two front sensors We have a first Sony sensor 32 megapixel aperture f / 2

    5 it is a Sony IMX616 and the second it's an 8-megapixel ultra-wide angle sensor so to vary a little selfies or make selfies with others, with f / 22 aperture which allows make maximum video recordings in full hd 1080p at 30 frames per second so at the level of the cameras has four modules on the back, a 64 mega pixel 60X SuperZoom module with f / 18 aperture this is the main sensor, an ultra wide angle module from 8MP to f / 23 aperture, an 8 megapixel periscope sensor with f / 34 5X aperture it's for zooms and it has optical stabilization and finally a macro sensor 2 megapixels with f / 2

    4 aperture and it allows you to record videos at maximum 4K at 60 frames per second so quickly we will do some quick adjustments we have facial unlocking so I'm going save the photo of my face we're going to add the fingerprint so it's on the side I find it practical I already told you in other videos I find it better than a photo sensor so we are on the Realme UI interface which is based on Color OS 7 which was also based on android 10 so I told you a lot of good about this interface which looks a lot like android stock and i will tell you more during the test otherwise you can see my old videos

    so the interface hasn't changed compared to the last smartphones of the brand that I tested We have the drawer of applications which is present but if you want in the parameters you can edit so in home screen mode we click on it we have the mode "drawer" or the standard mode standard mode is kind of the same as what has on Xiaomi and iPhone smartphones so the applications are put on the desktop and then you have to put them in folders and the drawer mode, well we have an applications drawer which we display by sliding from the bottom to the top When we come back here we have more applications drawer at the bottom we have the navigation keys we can make them disappear of course there is gesture control so in practical tool we have the navigation buttons, either the virtual buttons or gestures of sliding

    we also have an option to switch to single mode hand we can bring up a shortcut menu here we put them shortcuts that we want by default on screen capture, video capture file manager, calculator you can click on + to add by example an agenda or remove a screenshot, simple and convenient it looks like it is done on samsung

    the luminosity which adapts automatically but can be adapted manually We will do a tour of the "photo" application side since it is a "photos" oriented smartphone I will take a small photo and we will see during the test his photo capabilities its qualities its faults so we have the classic 1X photos, 2X zoom, 5X zoom there is a sensor which is dedicated to that and the 10x zoom and we can still get bigger to get to 60X so we will see during the test what it worth so HDR, artificial intelligence to have colors brilliant, portrait mode is present 1X, 2X, 64 megapixel mode so the main 64 megapixel sensor by default it takes photos with fewer pixels thanks to the technique of pixel binning which is used on many smartphones then in "more" we have the timelapse mode, text scanner, ultra macro slow motion, expert and panoramic 1X classic video mode, 2X zoom 5X zoom and 10X zoom that can be increased and finally we have a night mode 1x, 2x, 5 x 10x but also ultra wide-angle so I forgot the ultra wide angle is also available for videos and for classic photos

    so on the left side the volume keys, the outline of the smartphone is metallic gray We have the up and down volume keys here, at the bottom on the lower edge we have the grille for the speaker, the usb type-C port, the nano SIM card slot So that's it for today I hope you enjoyed this video, don't hesitate to give it a thumbs up blue, to share it en masse on social networks it helps me to make myself known feel free to say what you thought about it in comments, what you thought of this smartphone and Realme in general

    I give you an appointment for the test of this smartphone and for a next video simply on this I tell you to a next, wear you good, have a great end of the day a great morning, a excellent night and see you next time for a next video Ciap! Ciao!

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