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Career Tech in Ohio – Stigmas of Career Tech Education (CTE)


– In the past, people maybe thought that the students that came to career tech schools were bad or problems and that is totally not the truth Our kids here do well academically, they do well learning their skills

– I think the number one stigma that we do hear is college They think that people that come to PENTA are not gonna go to college, and that's so far from the truth We have articulation with so many different colleges, our academics have college credit built into them, this is not the end point, this is the starting point – People focus mostly on, the bad kids go there, the kids that are never going to college go there, I don't want my kid who is smart to go there, and they overlook the fact that most of those students are there because they wanna be there, they're good students, they're honor students, they're ones that are making an impact in their community and in their field before they even get there without even realizing it sometimes – [Chelsey Grow] Basically it feels like it's my first year of college here

It feels like I'm learning things that I'm gonna end up learning there and I already know – I think people need to understand there's a different route through education I got straight A's, I was on the honor role, but I was honestly looking for something different, I plan on going to college too, but I'm just taking a different path – I didn't come here because I'm not smart, I wanted the gateway I know where I'm heading and I know I'm gonna get there cause I know I've got the skill set I need to get there

– Some of those perceptions that are out there that, well those are the kids that can't handle the academics, you're not a college prep kid, you're a hands-on learner, and when the hands are engaged, the brain is also engaged I want that auto mechanic that's doing the breaks on my car to have been the best hands-on learner to make sure that my car stops safely and appropriately when I apply the breaks – I would say working hands-on definitely enhances the education cause I'm able to come in and I'm not just, oh read a book and this is what you're doing, I'm actually there running the machine and learning how it works, I'm learning how to fix it, how to repair it, which all lead to you being a good employee for someone – [Yarin Mercer] We want to be right there, we want to be in the field and in an internship – I think people are coming around to realize the value of having hands-on skills in addition to the academic skills

– Eventually, at some point you have to think about your future, if you can get an advantage, and start that life before the end of high school then you should jump on that and get into it – There is no lack of achievement either academically or skill-based, that you're getting at a career center that you won't get at a regular high school, in fact you're adding the skill set to your academics, when you choose career technical education

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