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— RYTORO CHANNEL — WELCOME Back again at RYTORO CHANNEL Tutorial this time I will explain about How to Use the Az Screen Recorder Application This application can be used for Screen Recording on Smartphone Limitless time This application can also be accessed for FREE to get the az screen recording application can be downloaded on the Google Playstore Application Then do the download and install application process When it's finished installing the next step, open the az screen recorder application Then proceed to allow the application to be opened on your smartphone When these steps are completed, the following is the screen recorder az icon display on your smartphone screen To record the screen process can be done, by clicking on the az screen recorder icon on your smartphone's screen, then press the record icon in the form of a camera icon If it has been clicked, the screen recording process is in progress As a sign, you are recording your screen, you can see the icon floating on your screen, has changed shape Next, please explain what activities you are doing when recording the screen the well, when it's finished then you do next stop screen recording by the way click on the icon or swipe from the top to bottom screen then press the sign, stop icon then the screen record process what you have done has finished / stopped to see the screenshot / screen capture, it can be seen in the gallery The following video record screen results, which you just did

by using az screen recorder application Next explanation, az screen recorder can also be used for Live Streaming by the way, click on the az screen recorder icon next on the live icon please press at this stage please platform that will be used at Live Streaming 45 00:04:45,200 –> 00:04:48,960 You can choose Facebook or YouTube in this example I use YouTube Select Youtube, then in this process Please choose a YouTube account email which will be used for live streaming Here I choose RYTORO CHANNEL the top text column is the description that relates to the live streaming title the next text column is used for the description / caption of live streaming activities carried out if the title and description text fields are completed, then do the live striming process by pressing the "Start" button Wait until the connection is stable and connected now live streaming activities are in progress If you have finished it the next step, is stop live streaming by pressing the stop icon on the az screen recorder logo then live streaming stops automatically so the tutorial that I can convey associated with use / utilization of the az screen recorder application to record smartphone screens Hope it can be useful Thank You

Source: Youtube

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