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Cara Merekam Layar di Smartphone Android |ENGSUB


Today I’m going to share you one application I used to recording something From my Android phone, the Application name is AZ Screen Recording You can download on Playstore After you download Click the icon for Az screen And it will appear another icon on the left or right side Click that 5 icons will be appear 5 icons Choose the center Click the one with video symbol Click again (first time not succeed) After that a box Box dialogue will appear If you want to start Click start Counting down to 3,2,1 Record from youtube Browse the video you want Start play It will be automatically recording If you done Or you want to To change video Video You can pause the record Or you want to resume Or you finish Just click stop And it will automatically save In gallery or video player If finish use this, just Click exit And The video is finish This is the final result What I love from this Application that isn’t have watermarks So for you who didn’t like as well Your video have watermarks Or you feel disturbing with that This application is the best for you And what you’ve been looking for Who doesn’t have watermarks from the application In your video Because other applications for screen recording Recording later in the end The finish Will have the app name below For example if this app have watermark Down below will have this AZ Screen recording symbol and name If you want to removed the watermark You need to became a membership But luckily this application won’t need that

Also aZ screen is free application So for me this is the best application That wont have any watermark for the video Rambling speaking Still rambling about another application Gag$&@@@& Still ? I don’t realize I’m rambling so much ? Sorry ? I should stop ✋ Stop now Pardon me Next video I’m going to Show you how to screen record From Iphone So guys if you Like my video Please hit the like button And subscribe my channel So I can make video like this next time Thank you so much for watching this Until next time guys See ya

Source: Youtube

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