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Cara Menstabilkan Video Dengan Smartphone Android


Hi in this video I will share the tutorial How can we stabilize a video Only by using an android mobile phone If you are interested in editing and various tricks around IT and Cinematography Then this Channel is perfect for you to subscribe don't forget to press the bell button so you can get the latest info from this channel Have you ever made an unstable video like this Usually a professional videographer use tools to stabilize the video Some use drones, some use dreadlocks and others But what if we don't have these tools? The answer, easy! We only need a smartphone and one application that is Google Photos How to? let's go straight to the Tutorial We begin to go to Google Photos Select the video that we want to stabilize Let's see the results this before stabilizing at normal speed This after stabilized at normal speed the difference is clear, isn't it? how easy right?

Source: Youtube

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