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    Cara Mengatasi Gyroscope Delay, Lambat, Error Di Smartphone OPPO || Fix Gyrocope


    Pineapple with me again On the Nansigming Channel Today i'm back to share video How to overcome the gyroscope Who experienced some problems playing puberty And many gyroscope complaints From my subscribers or on other channels Okay, before we go to the tutorial, I hope you all spend some time To click the button And also click on subscribe text Which is below this video Thank you First way You type DIAL CODE * # 800 # When you enter enginner mode, you look for options or sensor options Which is in the TAB hardware test Go to sensor options and you will get gyroscope sensor options This step is very important, I explained earlier in my video, so I will only discuss a few things that you need to pay attention to before doing the calibration First, make sure that your device or cell phone is in a flat or balanced position Second, make sure that the values ​​on the X, Y and Z axes are 0

    00, after all these conditions are met And at that time you can lock the calibration value by clicking on the words "START STATIC CALIBRATION" At this stage when you successfully overcome the various problems of the mobile smartphone gyroscope, mobile pubbage games or games that require a gyroscope sensor I hope this video can help to remove the delay in working on your Oppo smartphone or the gyroscope Before you say goodbye, to those who have not subscribed, I hope you will take some time Thanks for clicking the Like button and subscribe text below this video Watch the next video Greetings "Pineapple" Greetings "Techniques"

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