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Cara Membuat Modul Drum Tanpa Pc/Smartphone Langsung Colok Speaker


for this module we can get from Roll Up Drum and to find out the parts of the drum just like we did in the drum keyboard module before connect a single cable with pins like this the same as a USB keyboard this module also cannot be connected directly with piezo

because the results will be less responsive when we hit the piezo and only sounds once in a while therefore we have to make a circuit for piezo the circuit is the same as the previous module, namely IC LM324N, RESISTOR, LED and LDR and I made a gerber file for the piezo circuit after we make the gerber file, then upload the gerber file to PcbWaycom for those of you who don't know what PcbWay is? PcbWay is a pcb maker service company of the highest quality you can make your own pcb design according to your wishes just upload the gerber file to PcbWaycom and for more details please visit the link in the description

for those of you who want to have a pcb board like this You can order via the link in the description install all the components on the PCB board for the LED I use a size of 5mm with a flat head and keep in mind the long legs are positive and the short are negative bend the LED to 90 degrees like this then attach it to the Pcb board also bend the LDR and attach it to the Pcb board to cover the LED and the LDR I use heatshrink install socket on the pcb board solder all the wires on the pins like this I use a plastic box like this for the module container make a hole in the plastic box the size of a socket also make a hole in the lid of the plastic box like this and insert all the cables Attach all cables from the module to the piezo circuit put all the pcb boards into a plastic box insert all the sockets into the hole that was made earlier put all the nuts and tighten don't forget to label each socket for the power I use the power bank but you can use a mobile charger this is the difference in modules that are directly connected to piezo with a module that uses a piezo circuit

Source: Youtube

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