Can You Spot The Hidden Tech?

Futuristic super gloves for your digits. …

100 thoughts on “Can You Spot The Hidden Tech?

  1. Motorcycle riding gear has some great heated gear. I have heated gloves, a vest, and a thin jacket that goes under a hoodie or thicker jacket that has heated parts along the whole front, rear and up the shoulders and down the arms to the wrists. Works amazing. But it’s a plug in that you plug into a little connector on my bike. I think it cost about $250-280 CDN so it’s on the pricey end.

  2. Hey Lou, get yourself a thermal camera (or review a couple) you can use them to check the real time temps of the heating cooling gadgets! like the cooling mug and heating gloves!

  3. i guess the gloves are cool but am sceptical about the jacket because the heating electronic staff are kinda housing right in front of you i mean on your belly and you don't thinks it's gonna harm your organs?

  4. but like hasn't this existed for 10+ years? or are my work ones not publicly sold? idk I had 2 pairs that warm up for work back when I worked as a service worker for blizzards and crap, that was like 7-8 years ago? along with the clothing/jacket, like I guess this stuff is just picking up, I just can't imagine why now

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