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There's a direct impact of the tech in terms of bringing equality but also an indirect, and that's quite a fascinating thing Hi, I'm Vicki Hearn, I'm the CEO of Social Tech Trust We recently evolved from Nominet Charitable Foundation to be an independent charity So the work that we do at Social Tech Trust really builds on the themes exposed by the Civil Society Futures report about the importance of empowering people and communities and we've seen that, through the years, in terms of many of the ventures that we've supported can bring the power of technology to address those challenges in a really innovative and disruptive way that those kinds of ventures given the right nurturing and support in terms of early stage grant funding but also business support to build their social enterprise can really have a huge social impact upon the people that they're trying to support and the communities on a wider scale So one of the ventures that we support is is called Disrupt Disability, they're using 3D printing to look at how wheelchair design can be improved So people can have different styles of wheelchair depending on whether they are wanting to utilise it in urban landscapes or in rural landscapes They can also use 3D printing to accessorise their wheelchairs so they can demonstrate their personality through their wheelchair and again, the impacts of that in opening up conversations for people by having something that's really quite funky and people just come and, you know, coming to talk and conversation starting Another great venture that we've supported is called Open Utility and they're looking to democratise the energy market using green energy So that's a really interesting way of literally putting power into the energy into making it accessible and giving people choice as to where they get their energy sources from

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