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CAF Story | Science, Tech and Soldiers in Urban Environments


CUE, standing for Contested Urban Environment, is a five-nation research program The aim of the program is to confront the urban environment stress the technologies with what we call the urban stressors

Like the artificial light that you find in an urban environment during the night-time So, that's quite difficult for our night vision systems You know, the different what we call urban canyons that you can find in dense urban environments It's very difficult on the communications and the GPS These are characteristics of the cities that we're looking for

My name is Patrick Maupin I am the Experiment Director for the Contested Urban Environment Experimentation happening in Montreal We've got, in Montreal, around a 150 scientists and technologists that are manning the different technologies Our main partners are the NATO Nations, but also the TTCP of five eyes countries: Australia, Canada, of course, New Zealand, United Kingdom and the US We've got also about 100 soldiers from the 3rd Battalion Royal 22e Regiment

So, these guys are working together They get trained together and then, they go out on the streets and they test our technologies We are testing in Montreal different technologies, over 50 of them We've got the protection systems for, you know, protecting areas or fencing of areas from any intrusion The ground-based ISR Systems

That's a set of sensors that are deployed on the ground or we've got airborne systems Currently, over Montreal, as we deploy our troops and other technologies downtown, we've got two aircraft flying over the area equipped with quite special cameras We've got soldiers systems with sensors, GPS and a tactical radio So, we've got about 24, 25 soldiers wearing those tactical vests We're trying to find new synergies between the technologies

And very often, we discover, you know, things that we have never thought about before We're discovering new capabilities So, to me, that is really the most interesting thing about the experimentation ♪

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