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Dear You and dear friends Today I would like to share with you and you a very good application on smartphones that is Google Translate Google translator available on CH Play store for Android operating systems and available on Apple Store for iOS protection to install your Google Translate app into CH Play You type Google, it will display the Google translation application then we install Google Translate, here I have already installed so it display dialog like this after we installed it it has a symbol On our screen, this is Google Translate Now we will open Google Translate, to see how interesting it is In Google Translate this on the left is the language we need to translate and on the right is the language we want to translate And it has so many languages, we can translate from one language to any other in Google Translate, we see this camera icon, this camera icon The function is to translate directly any text or an image For example I have a text I want to translate from Vietnamese into English then I click on this camera I put the camera directly into that image We found it very interesting to translate it directly from Vietnamese into English This is a very interesting feature You find it translated very well and we can translate from any language to another language is very easy via the scan and of this camera However, another nice feature is the conversation This feature is great when we travel in any country where we don't understand its language then we can translate from Vietnamese into that country to communicate with that person, for example Here I use Vietnamese translated into English to talk to an Englishman We have to click on the microphone, what's your name? What's your name? Where are you from? Where are you from? Please show me the way to the market Please show me the way to the maket We find it very interesting, we can communicate with a person, for example when that Englishman For example the English people ask us What time is it? what time is it It is 11 hours 22 minutes The time now is 11:22 You find it very interesting, we can translate any from one language to another Very nice However photographing and translating from images is word translation Voice only works when we have internet connection and we use the wi-fi network or we use the 4G network However, if there is no network, we can still enter manually and translate directly for us, but to do that, you have to download the language to your phone The example here is Vietnamese has already downloaded it, but the other languages ​​have not yet been downloaded We want to use it offline, offline, we have to download these languages However, when downloading, we cannot translate by voice which we just translate by typing here is also a very good thing when there is no network connection This is an application I find that very good because it can help us learn, it helps us communicate especially traveling abroad easily and smoothly, without having to fear anything It is a very interesting application that I would like to share with you guys Wishing you and you all success Sincerely thank you and hello

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