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    BULLISH: MAJOR LIGHTNING NEWS?! ⚡ Programmer explains


    and we begin! Welcome to the next episode of CryptoMorning only here only on the IvanOnTech channel We certainly drive Stream from Stockholm Switzerland and we do this show every day at 8:00 am

    every single day Today we will discuss Lightning because we have very important news bitfinex starts depositing and withdrawing using Lightning starting yesterday this is very important Lightning network has been growing for the last two years in test mode at the experimental stage and now we are slowly leaving this phase it will be the number one news then I will show you how important the Lightning network is in terms of privacy because regular transactions in Bitcoin are absolutely public and you can actually follow people Today I will show a tool that allows you to track transactions very efficiently here we have a super donut thank you! With such tools, the Bitcoin blockchain is completely open and it is very easy to visualize your transactions and the Lightning network is actually a privacy and scalability technology this is the second topic then let's talk about stablecoins because one of the largest banks in Europe forbids its employees to have cryptocurrency even when they are not at work they are forbidden to do anything with crypto when they are at home after work or on vacation because they are bank employees Game! the bank takes away the freedom of these people and forbids investing to keep and sell cryptocurrency it's wild at the same time, the same bank is under investigation in a case of huge money laundering Irony everyone welcome How are you? Write where are you from this morning and as always we drink coffee, no milk, no sugar, look at the market we see a drop in Bitcoin -2% Ethereum -2

    5% Ripple -3% here we have a donut battle Bitcoin Cash -38% Litecoin -26% ЕOS -29% the throne drops by 7% the biggest growth today ravencoin 15% we have a little Winners Today we will also give access to the academy You must write comments about what you learned new now the big news is probably the biggest news regarding Lightning at first only tech savvy people could use this technology but now the Lightning Network takes its place on the stage where large exchanges like bitfinex now use this technology the director of Bitfinax and Tezer who may be coming to our channel soon, he says that the Lightning Network as well as assets on Lightning, not only the best microtransaction solution, but also suitable for transactions between businesses the best article is written by the Block publisher; they say that you can replenish your account and also withdraw money using Lightning In addition, in the future they will launch stablecoin on Lightning, which is very interesting In fact, we see a new platform for assets

    and Bitfinax are very experienced in this area because at first they launched a teaser on the Omni protocol which was on Bitcoin then they transferred part of the transaction ethereum and here and there then they made another version on the throne platform and it seems even on EOS it is very important not only in terms of fast transactions, not only as a new platform for assets, but also in terms of privacy because we must understand that ordinary transactions in bitcoin are absolutely public and everything is transparent the first few years, people thought that transactions in Bitcoin were private, they were anonymous and no one could track but most transactions are very easy to track, you can identify certain patterns in the movement of money imagine that we go to the block explorer, select a random block, scroll down, select a transaction, and I will show how easy it is to visualize cash flow I will show a tool that, for example, a tax one can use or the police is very important therefore, conducting illegal transactions on bitcoin is a very bad idea And this argument is that Bitcoin for illegal payments is absolutely wrong because Bitcoin is public and all transactions are recorded forever Bitcoin allows you to have constant records of all transactions, someone likes it, someone doesn't some people want privacy and not because they engage in illegal activities, they just want to keep their personal affairs secret All transactions are well monitored and take a random transaction like this one we will use this tool OXT we are looking for this transaction in any block explorer we can see the inputs and outputs of this transaction but with this tool you can create a visualization I can click on this transaction I can see all the inputs and outputs in a graphical representation very interesting when we just look into the block explorer it’s hard to understand how the money flow is moving But here you can we see a lot of inputs of this transaction and one big way out you can click here and see where the money went from there and here you can track the movement of money quite simply and also we can mark the transaction here you can get excellent visualization of the movement of funds in the traditional financial system it’s absolutely impossible – it’s so good to track the movement of funds So be sure to Take a random transaction and Try to track and understand How it works because it is

    Everyone must understand it the better you use this tool the more effective you will be able to track cash flows Imagine Now, if the algorithms will do this, here you can see any transaction, you will receive a transaction report as he saw it, as well as You can go to visualization write If you have questions, we’ll check the chat while it’s loading it’s not particularly loaded, try another aaa, it’s just a very big transaction loading for a long time try another one here we see the inputs and outputs as in a regular block browser and Lightning actually adds anonymity and privacy to the bitcoin network; it's not just a scalability solution not only a platform for launching new assets, let's say that it’s a hack that it’s a cold exchange wallet we see a transaction from the Cold wallet and we can watch how hackers try to spend this money in this case, it turns out that equal bitcoins have different values

    Some of them can be tracked to some illegal activity on the one hand, it’s good that you can put criminals behind bars, for example, that case of a child’s website prono and the same tool was used to track and catch them from another point of view, coins that were involved in illegal activities will cost less because of this because you can’t spend it in some places This was the first topic It is very nice to see that at last Lightning is used by big players If you want to try Lightning payments, you can use the Blue Wallet

    This wallet represents a custodial node However, you can connect your own You can also try the Breeze Just Try Write if you use bitfinex or not

    bitfinex strong player hacked them many times they had a lot of problems but nevertheless they are still in the game and even innovate they are judged left and right every year they face certain problems but nevertheless still survive next news we have a ruling by a Danish court regarding Bank Nordea one of the largest banks in Europe they forbade their employees to trade cryptocurrency to invest in it when not at work but also in their free time it attracted a lot of attention because how can a bank do this? How can you forbid your employees to do something in their free time? they are not slaves and this is a violation of rights and freedoms and the case went to court, but a court in Denmark sided with the bank and said that they can prohibit their employees from investing in crypto And this bank itself is now under investigation in the case of money laundering on a huge scale, and society trusts this bank, we depend on them this is complete hypocrisy! they forbid employees to have cryptocurrencies at the same time they launder huge amounts of money You understand that in the banking system it is impossible to track transactions like in bitcoin here, on the contrary, you can track anything Bitcoin is the most transparent system; it is both good but sometimes bad In the future, we can see that coins are priced differently depending on their history another piece of news China has banned access to the etherscan site is a company from Malaysia and now it is impossible to use this site from China this is interesting because when you use the block explorer you usually see your own transaction Yes, sometimes you are looking for broadcasts of other people, but most often people look at their addresses and instead of using this opportunity and getting information about who owns which addresses the Chinese government simply blocked the entire site if the goal of the state is to see and understand what people do with their crypt this is not the best solution to block etherscan because there people are just looking for their own addresses and it would be possible to connect ip-addresses with the addresses of ethereum I do not know what they think Maybe they don’t pay attention to it at all, but from the point of view of monitoring their citizens, this is not the smartest decision now the Chinese probably need to use some kind of internal browser of blocks where the state can get even more information about them, let's see look at the chat another news about stablecoins since a new stable cryptocurrency will soon launch on the market Saga technology company located in England announced the launch of its token And after that we see a lot of news, and simply and this year the industry has increased its capital and brain And you need to understand how the crypto community actually functions now, most transactions are conducted in stablecoins and many players are now fighting for the biggest piece of the pie in this market and while the teaser is still an undefeated leader but in the future this may change new coins are launched as well as Bitcoin is much more valuable than all other cryptocurrencies We also see this in the market of stables where a teaser is much more valuable than any other stables and just from a business point of view it’s interesting to see how they function and why they came to this market Today, Anon gets access to the Academy

    He wrote, "I found out that I am speculating and trusting my state by simply storing banknotes in my wallet" we discussed yesterday that even if you are not participating in the market, do not buy shares of Bonds, so on, you still speculate you speculate simply by having money in your bank and your speculation is that this bank will not fall apart in speculating that in your country there will be no financial crisis sometimes it does not work I suggest you take a developer course And actually participate in the construction of this industry I think everyone should read about Laika Bank in Cyprus, read about what happened there, that a specific collapse occurred in the country of the European Union in 2013 and people lost their money People who had money in Cypriot banks And they speculated that their country is stable and the banking system is working in fact, it turned out that, on the contrary, people lost half of their savings And if you had money in this like bank that completely fell apart, people lost almost all their money there it’s a terrible tragedy even if you don’t do anything It's all the same speculation – just keep the cache in the bank Read about it as people just lost all their bills above 100,000 euros that's what happened there Germany helped Cyprus at that time They said "We will help you with money If you can raise money from your population as a tax" and the government of Cyprus told the banks, "we will save you with the help of Germany but you must clear your accounts and if your bank fell apart you lost even more, even if the bank remained standing you lost half your account but one bank completely collapsed, that is, the choice of two evils and just people had money in the bank account and this in itself is speculation that the bank is reliable, that the financial system is reliable and that the state will conduct its policy correctly that in many cases it’s not at all so of course it’s very easy to look into the past to notice all these moments It was the worst decision Cyprus has now lost all of its reputation as a friendly country in terms of banking

    Because they used to manage capital from different countries until 2013 Cyprus was a safe haven for capital from different countries they had low taxes; good environment for capital until this happened But it happened because the Cypriot banks speculated a lot about Greece then in Greece there was a crisis and all their investments failed because banks use only partial coverage of funds and it is enough for the bank to keep only 10% of the money that they give out as loans this means a huge risk they know that the state will be on their side and save them And if the state cannot save them, they take money from investors, this is one of the most important thoughts of yesterday’s video you speculate even if you just keep fiat currencies in the bank and now we’re watching the chat

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