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BTT Behind the Scenes about Tech and Trading Bots


Hi guys, I'm right now invited to this little cozy office I promised the guys to explain a bit more what's happening right now, and as far as I know, you're working on analyze different indicators

Maybe you can show me on the screen show what you are doing here Yes gladly This is the main window for market analysis What we have here is a set of different indicators, which we use and analyze We use them to program our bots and thereby they are getting better and better

Okay, that just does not make much sense for me, maybe you could go through it step by step So here we have our main chart and I have some funny colors here They do not usually look that way, but the white candles and black candles, basically the black candles, indicate when the price drops and the white candles, when the price starts to rise These two lines are exponentially moving averages, they measure that – what's the name anyway – the RMS between a certain amount of candles, then, ahh i do not know how to explain it

But if we have such overlaps, we are entering this market So we use this crossover, for example, to trigger a bot And that's an RSI, which essentially measures the buying pressure And down here that's the volume, that is oversold, so we jump can wait below what happened here And as you can see, it goes up and reaches its peak and that's exactly the time to shorten

Great – and here it is exactly the other way around Pelle is here too, he has some very interesting codings and fine tunes made by some bots and maybe you can show it to us I know you're about to test it and you're on the short market Do you already have any percentage somewhere, because you are there for about 10 minutes? Yes, we already have a profit retracted by 8%, what you can see here We entered the short and the drop here and have earned the money what is the percentage of the bet

Okay, you can just do the trades of Trace out there, that is interesting I see a lot of activity, and on the left side of the screen is this a script or what exactly is this supposed to be? It's a script that executes orders for this market but the scripts are actually running in a Pine script in the trading view Actually, the script is hundreds of lines long Okay and that's the execution the orders based on the Signals from the trading view Interesting

You said to me earlier, that you did a bit backtesting Right – that's the backtesting workstation and that's where all the magic happens that's what we use to program the bots So when we look back on the profits, can we look at the profit in percent of a week ago, two weeks ago and a month ago And we see which bot performed best It's like a contest of hundreds of bots, which we have programmed and the best bot, which wins, we use it then

And how can we name the differences? We talked about the bot, you are currently producing, the BTT bot and the other bots that are out there Are there any delays? Is there something that makes our software unique? Actually, we packed a lot of bots together and united in a superbot A mix of many tools Here, for example These are the buy signals Do you see her here? Yes

The buy signals here, the sell signals there Buy-Sell-buy And that's a backtesting for two weeks and a pretty good percentage What is the result of this? This looks way too good to be true But, but it is there

OK This bot has been in over two weeks? % retracted! Unbelievable good Excellent! Okay, I'm sorry for that in the middle of the night with a camera robbed but I had promised the guys a little update That was it from me, too we'll talk to you later Cheers!

Source: Youtube

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