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Brad Cesak catches up with LA Tech Head Coach Skip Holtz at Conference USA Media Days


Tech head coach Skip Holtz, and coach, we're here at Conference USA media days The excitement is starting to build for the new season

When does that excitement really start to kick off for you?" Skip Holtz:"For me it's when the players report come August 1st We'll go through our hideaway meetings where we'll have about 10 days of pretty intense meetings trying to cross every t and dot every I Every year you have new coaches, new people in your program that you've got to get acclimated to how we do everything, and it really becomes a business It becomes a business it what we have to do The day the players get there, when the practice schedules are done, the excitement, the energy, that's when there's a lot of enthusiasm

"Cesak:"I think a lot of people, you guys were picked third in the West in the preseason poll I think a lot of people just don't really know what to make of Louisiana Tech going into the season Being the head coach, what's your pitch to eveerybody on what this Bulldogs team is going to be?" Holtz:"Well we have so many players, production players, that we have to replace Gone is the all-time sack leader It was kind of like when Kenneth Dixon left as one of the all-time touchdown scorers

We have a lot of production that we have to replace, but I tell you, when I look at it, I think defensively I look at some really talented players, a lot of experience coming back in the secondary Guys that have been in the program We're not counting on a lot of newcomers to be difference makers for us Then on offense, it's going to be some key pieces are going to come along I mean, we certainly weren't the type of offense last year we want to be moving forward, and I think just suring up some things on our offensive line, and some of the skill positions

I know there's a lot of energy and excitement" Cesak:"You guys in the past have played teams like LSU, South Carolina, Mississippi State, Arkansas, this year it's Texas What about the Power 5 schools that intices you as a head coach to have them on your schedule?"Holtz: "Well I think it helps set a standard I think you can talk about it, you can read about it, but until you put your cleats on and screw them into the ground, tighten that chin strap up, and go out there on the field, you don't understand what that level is all about It's all about for us playing at a championship level

For us, it's not just a Power 5 team, but you're talking about, every one of those teams that you mentioned are top-25 Power 5 teams So it's not, and I look at what Texas did coming off of the bowl game where they defeated Georgia who was one of the better teams in the country, with coach Herman being there a couple of years now, and his thumbprint is all over the program It's going to be a great challenge for us, but it is also going to be a phenomenal opportunity for us to see where we are as a football team"Cesak:"Well coach, thank you for joining us Football season is right around the corner

The Bulldogs will open the season in Austin against the Texas Longhorns" 3 THANKS BRAD AS HE SAIDTHE BULLDOGS OPENING THEIR SEASON SATURDAY AUGUST 31ST


Source: Youtube

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