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Peace be upon you, and Allah mercy and blessings Welcome to the umam creative channel well in this video we will try to use Deeper how to use lots of friends who commented on insagram or on my facebook what the heck bro? the way is photography toys only using a smartphone some commented (wow this camera is expensive) so you can take photos as good as this, now in this video I will prove if creating a work is not necessarily using an expensive camera or the dslr camera that I use now we can utilize smartphone camera that friends have at the moment in several ways in our video this time I will detail how to make photo bokeh there are certain ways that we can use to make photo bokeh using a smartphone camera we will discuss all these methods in this one video, ready? The first using a monitor screen so for this monitor screen I am The photo is in my office there's no way I could bring my lights to setup here, so the situation is like this Next I am browsing directly on Google I align bokeh bokeh photos will appear later, we just choose according to what we want right then we enter full screen mode so this is the screen the pc with bokeh fullscreen image Next we just setup the figure here I use a pillow as an enhancer and this is a grass diorama if friends want better, can use glass or acyrilic so that there are reflections it will make it more solemn here the character I use is Pokemon because so it is more suitable: D here we will start the photo First you can see the lights in this room are on we will try the photo in the light condition and certainly using light from the window okey so the results are like this, next we try again okay next we will try to turn off the lights on in the room, if there were still a few reflected light from the top and now nothing ok here i use manual mode yeah so it's manual mode like in our previous video in lightpainting, we set it first what kind of focus do you want, how many iso we can arrange it all here that's why I prefer to use manual mode because we are more flexible in regulating set the picture here I use the help of my friend's cellphone camera I set the center let's try to find a good position where ok so I kept the headlight behind his figure so there is a backlight so it's like there's a light line on the diorama line and there is light from behind continue above I use a diffuser using plain paper, which was helped by my friend and the results are softer we will see the results later so using the diffuser above is a simple way simple, no need to use softbox and this is behind the scene so my friend holds the paper, I take a photo and center behind to illuminate the back like this guess Very simple isn't it? and I don't use a tripod thank you for aji who is willing to hold the paper as a diffuser that's so smart and the results are like this there are room lights and this is a photo without lights and this is a photo with lights on the back and there is a diffuser the final result is like this not inferior to a DSLR right? the second uses trees here we use more gaps in the tree usually in the tree there are cavities like this so there is a gap between the leaves well this is what we can use as a bokeh! usually when I use a DSLR I use this method but this time we will use a smartphone we adjust the position of the figure Here I use Kamen Rider Kuuga as the model, and for this smartphone camera because the lens is wide, we can't close up to the figure can't close up to the figure because he is wide lens so I gave the photo a great distance like before, here I use manual mode so it's easier to adjust the focus set the iso set the speed too maybe in the next video we will try to make speed photography using a smartphone here we can see, behind me too there is a leaf cavity we just set the focus because of the cavity between these leaves the bokeh looks more here I use manual mode We have a wide picture, so if friends want to close up, stay close, right? and the results are like this Behind me I also saw the bokeh ok so i thank ridho and ahmad who have accompanied me to hunting pohto in korem and we try to see the results, so the results are like this simple but can bokeh it here is the photo this second one that I edited so it's pretty good the third is using Gift Paper, now this is the most favorite who became an idol for her other photography toy friends ie

gift paper wrapping paper in general is often used by friends toys photo as a bokeh object well here because I use a smatphone camera as I said at the beginning of the video this smartphone is wide camera so for wrapping paper I use four sheets I arrange it to look wide we try a photo, and this room is still on we add lightning using the mobile screen so in this video gift we are using light from the room and lightpainting okay next we try to use lightpainting here I use lightpainting, so I shine a light first in the kiva section then continue to shine on the back of it here I use a speed of 16 seconds and the ISO is 100 so there is no noise and the results are like this This does not use lightpainting It uses light from above and this is the lightpainting (final) ok so how are these guys? after watching this video from the start until the end, guess Still not confident using his smartphone camera? I don't think there is any doubt, because just using a smartphone camera, we can create cool photos photo bokeh do not need to use a DSLR but can also use a smartphone it's just that there are special ways to create it for friends don't give up who have not been able to buy a DSLR can start saving now if it's really needs so there is no reason I can't use smartphone camera as photography toys maybe this is the first video from me When there are less words, please forgive for friends who just joined this channel, just subscribe this channel on umam creative and don't forget to follow my Instagram on umam2830 okay I say goodbye to resign first, Peace be upon you, and Allah mercy and blessings see you later

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